Things to know in Morocco

What is particularly cheaper in Morocco than in Europe?

Taxis are also much cheaper than in Europe:

here it is not a privileged means of transport at all, it is used daily by everyone.
The association is about 5 km from my house and the journey costs about € 1.00! If you then take a taxi to the outskirts of town, the price drops even further, but the journey is much more uncomfortable!
For the past year, they have been investing in seven-seater vehicles, but before that, there were always seven people (six passengers plus the driver) in a four-seater car… How? The passenger seat is occupied by two people, and the rear seats carry five (… the size of the person is not taken into account)!

Fish is also much cheaper:

in Rabat, being on the sea, every morning you can buy the catch of the day directly on the beach or in the various fish markets.

In Morocco, the price of products also varies depending on where you buy them. The same necklace bought in a shop in the city centre costs three times less in the old medina (“city”); a plant bought at the market in the centre of Rabat costs twice as much as the price in Salé, the city separated from Rabat by a river, which is poorer. I speak from my own experience.

In your opinion, what parameters are needed to succeed in moving to Morocco?

I don’t know if I am the best person to answer this question… I arrived here with a one-way ticket and I played all my cards to stay.

As for the language, it is not necessary to speak Arabic or Moroccan dialect. There is a lot of French being spoken, given the past of the French protectorate. Further north, Spanish is spoken, given the proximity and easy connections to Spain by sea (through the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects Morocco to Spain) or by land, wherefrom Tangier one can cross the border and reach Ceuta, a Spanish city on the African continent.

I have met many foreigners who live here and do very different jobs. However, most of the ones I know work in the field of cooperation like me.

I think the only real parameters are determination, being willing to put yourself on the line and learning to cope with different situations and standards of living than in Italy.

Living in Morocco:

What differences are there between Italy and Morocco in terms of quality of life, in your opinion?
Morocco is still a developing country, the quality of life is directly affected.

The health system, for example, is not even comparable to the Italian one. You better hope you never have to go to the hospital because even private ones leave something to be desired.
In addition, the high cost of health services means that many citizens are unable to access them at all. Access to education is also not to be taken for granted because of its cost or the remoteness of schools from small villages in rural areas, for example. Rents themselves are very expensive and large families often live in very cramped quarters in the poorest districts.

The cost of living. In general, is high compared to the average Moroccan salary of about € 250 per month. Personally, I’m part of another segment of the population and I don’t miss anything, but for most Moroccans making ends meet requires a lot of sacrifices.

Travel in Morocco:

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