Have You Heard of this Amazing Feature of iPhone 13 ?

What is that one thing for which mobile phone users all over the world are waiting anxiously? It’s not hard to find. They are all actually waiting for the latest smartphone from Apple  – iPhone 13. And why do people wait so earnestly for Apple phones? Well! That is due to the fact that Apple is not just a technology company. They are much beyond that. Apple is a trendsetter in the field of smartphones, or laptops.

Apple Phones are Highly Anticipated Products

Since people know that Apple is coming up with their latest model, they are curious to know more about them. The new model of a phone is all about new features, new functionalities, and new looks. Because that is what matters for customers. Unless they are getting something special, something extra, why would they even consider buying a new model. After all, it costs a lot of money to buy an Apple phone, and unless the company offers some exciting features, it fails to attract buyers attention.

Now coming to iPhone 13, the one feature that is puzzling everyone is it’s capacity to work even while there is no mobile network available. How is that possible ? According to a post in the Connect app by famous market analyst Kuo, Apple is using a revolutionary technology for their iPhone 13 series. So, the latest iPhones will have built in capacity to connect with low orbit satellites (LEO). This will ensure an uninterrupted connectivity to these phones in the absence of a regular network.

Revolutionary feature of Apple iPhone 13

The new model from Apple, iPhone 13 will allow you to make calls and messages despite having no mobile network. If you are going for a hike in mountains, or visiting a remote place in a tribal area in the state of Chattisgarh, and wondering whether you will have a reliable network or not, IPhone 13 has got you covered. You can focus on your work without bothering about connectivity.

According to Kuo, Apple is all set to launch its latest series of phones. It is expected that the new model of iPhone 13 series will be launched on Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed Apple is ready to launch its upcoming iPhone 13 series on September 14.  The  press releases related to the launching of the new iPhone model will be shared with media, and existing users a week before the actual event.

You can expect four new models of iPhone 13 series from Apple that will likely include many upgrades of existing features. Although the new models of phones will have many exciting features, the most important feature is the option of additional network support through low orbit earth satellites. Therefore, these phones will be at par with satellite phones that are usually made for defence purposes.

How does this Satellite Mode Feature Make it a Special Phone? 

The satellite mode will be activated automatically once the phone detects no signal, or lack of it. Therefore, with iPhone 13 series, users need not to worry whether you will be able to make that important call or not. And if there is an important message to be sent, the phone will ensure that the message is actually sent.

Moreover, it does not matter whether your phone comes in 4G/5G mobile tower coverage or not. In simple words, your phone is no more dependent just on the regular mobile network. If you ever face a situation when there is no network, rely on your latest iPhone 13 series phones to make calls or messages. We never know when some emergency might happen. But whenever that happens, this particular feature from Apple’s latest model will be there for your assistance.

Apple has been working on such a feature for the last two years. It first appeared in Bloomberg that reported in 2019 that Apple was experimenting with the idea of using satellite technology

for beaming connectivity to iPhones.

However, this is the very first time when a company is coming up with such a feature. It is widely speculated that Apple will also incorporate this feature in all its future products such as Apple AR headset, Apple Car and many other accessories that use the internet. Apple is also testing the viability of Satellite technology through iPhone 13. And after getting positive feedback from iPhone 13, it will further strengthen this technology.  This innovative feature from Apple will undoubtedly give a better experience to the users.

According to one well known market analyst, to give satellite communication support to the iPhone 13 model, the company will use a custom made version of the Qualcomm X60 baseband chip. Although at this point of time, it’s not clear whether making calls in the satellite mode will happen along with usual Apple services like iMessage and FaceTime or not. However, Apple can also proxy satellite communications for normal mobile towers which will ensure compatibility with other apps and services.

Another thing that is also not known is whether satellite features like GPS will be free or chargeable. It may be possible that the company intends to provide this service on a pay basis. If that happens, it can be rather frustrating for iPhone 13 users, and excitement will likely go. However, it’s still premature to come to any definite conclusion, and we should wait and watch how the company goes ahead with this particular service. In all likelihood, the cat will come out from the bag when the model is finally launched  on September 14.

There have been many leaks in the media about the features of the upcoming model of Apple phones, but nothing can be tentatively said. Although there won’t be many changes in the appearance of new models, things like screen and form factor will be almost similar to the current iPhone 12 line series phones. The new iPhone 13 may include a camera upgrade, a higher-refresh-rate display for the Pro model and a smaller notch for all units.  Besides, there are also strong rumours about the return of Touch ID provided by under-display technology.

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