How to assemble an office chair : tips and tricks

assemble an office chair

It is a surprise and happiest movement for you when an assemble an office chair in front of you in the package. As you know well that office chair comes in different parts. After unpackaging it, we have to give it a proper shape as it is not a tough task. You can easily tackle it with little experience.

If you don’t have a perfect chair which is suitable for your body then it may harm you a lot for your body. You may suffer from back pain and other body pain as well. So we strongly advise spending some amount on your health and buy the best ergonomic office chair.

It is a mood filtering movement when you decide to shift to a new chair in your office. You can save money as well if you have made your mind to purchase a ready to assemble office chair.

We are sure that you will enjoy it but you have to do some work before it.

Now if you are thinking that you can use it right after opening the box then you are wrong. It comes in different parts and you have to assemble all the parts. If you are confused about how to do it out of the box, then here is a complete guide below step by step.


First of all, unbox the package and put all the parts in a smooth place where you can work easily. You will get a perfect idea about parts to assemble by doing it and decrease the chance of faults while assembling.

It is an organized and professional method to assemble any type of furniture. Make sure that there are no missing parts and all the accessories are available in the box. If any of the parts are missed then contact the manufacturer to replace them.

After confirming it, arrange all chair parts in their category and make the assemble process faster and smoother.


Whenever assemble the office or chair, consider the right tool to make all the processes easier. Normally when you open the box, you will definitely find the tool kit. This tool kit is enough to fulfill the assembly criteria. If the unpackaging box has no tool kit, then you can arrange it from the marker as it is cheaper as well.


Now connect the base mechanism of the chair with the main chair with screw head bolts. As it is a key connection of the chair and carries all the weight of the chair so check well that the bolts are well tight. Now put the chair into the mechanism after all is set.


As you have confirmed that all the pieces of the chair are connected together well because the strength of the chair depends on it. Attach the armrests into the holes after finished all this.

Now connect the casters on the base of your chair. Check about all the four casters that they are working properly.


At last, if your chair has an adjustable back then you can easily adjust it according to your body size. You can adjust the height of the chair by screw that you’ll find on the back of your chair. You can also adjust the width of the chair by slide the armrests to a desirable position.

There are a lot of adjustment settings available in an ergonomic office chair according to your body posture. That is why we recommend buying an ergonomic chair for the best body comfort.


So, we can say that you have got decent knowledge and need not go anywhere. Assembling an office chair is not a complicated task as you can do it easily. But if you still don’t have a wish to assemble, then you can contact the furniture assembly service. They will do it for you and solve your issue.

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