How to master the art of winning smile with invisible braces

Every one of us knows at least someone or the other who has, rather maintains a great presence on social media.  The perfect and sparkling smile, cool manner and those friendly eyes make an appealing combination. Everyone wishes to look so amazing in photos but fails to break the secret behind it. So, what really makes a great smile in photos and how can you achieve that?

If you are already on braces then you are on the right track to get your dream smile. Everyone knows orthodontic treatments to straighten the teeth are a lengthy and time-consuming process. The good news is there is no need for you to wait until the treatment ends and the braces come off to show your dazzling smile. Just follow the simple steps discussed in the following sections of the blog post to get amazing photos while wearing braces. Remember the real trick is to know how to smile with braces, assures an orthodontist dealing in invisible braces in Wimbledon.

While you are being clicked make it a point to look at the photographer. If someone is taking your photo that you intend to use as your profile photo in a social media platform then it is always better to look at the camera lens than elsewhere. And ofcourse, you got to have a friendlier look. Research says people consider you more engaging and attractive when you stare directly at them in your social media profile pictures. Looking somewhere else other than the camera often makes great and candid photography but certainly does not work out in making ideal social media profile photos.

Trick number two is make sure your teeth as well as the braces are clean while you are being captured by a camera lens. Unfortunately people just keep ignoring this trick repeatedly. First brush and floss the teeth and then apply some lip balm or moisturiser on the lips so that they do not look dry or flaky and your photos will turn out vibrant. Usually dry pair of lips catches more easily on the braces. And if it is day time, do not forget to add sunscreen to lip balm to avoid sunburn.

Stand with good, normal posture. Hold the chest high and the chin up. Tuck the tummy in. You give yourself a double chin if you slouch in photos. Part the lips as you smile. People – at least a lot of them – commit a silly mistake in this context.

Part your lips when you smile. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking if they do not have perfectly flawless teeth or if they are on braces then they should smile without parting the lips. Some photographs with lips closed do come out great. But in general when you keep your lips sealed in photos you do not look attractive. Remember to part the lips a little at least while facing a camera. That way you expose little sincerity as well as friendliness.

Stay away from using flashes while getting clicked. A flash undoubtedly enhances your overall appearance in a photo. But there is a rider to consider. Professional photographers are skilled and equipped using high-end gadgets to uniformly distribute light from a flash which enhances the appearance of the lines around your eyes and the mouth. But without those high-end gadgets and the proper skills if an amateur uses a flash to click a photo it makes you look much less attractive than you are in real life. Therefore instead of using a flash make use of the natural light outdoors or position yourself accordingly with respect to the indoor light sources to make the most flattering photos every time.

If it is possible go for solid shades over crazy prints. Maybe you should avoid that stripped shirt that looks great on you in real life. But in a photo the same shirt may pull focus away from your face and your smile. Make sure to take the sunglasses off while posing for profile photos. A pair of shade glasses makes you appear smart and stylish. But at the same time it keeps the eyes hidden. In other words your sunglasses give the feeling as if you are not open or approachable.

This particular tip is meant exclusively for ever gorgeous divas. When you wear lipstick choose the shades smartly. Certain shades indeed make the teeth appear whiter. Try out several shades to determine which one suits you the best. But make sure there is no lipstick on the teeth or the braces before the camera lens is directed at you.

Dentists providing smile improvement treatment using Invisalign in Wimbledon suggest you should smile gently while facing the camera. When you smile hard the lines on the face become more prominent. Even the tense muscles on your neck do not make you look attractive in a photo. As a simple rule of thumb, make sure the curve of the lower lips is in line of the upper teeth while being clicked. Do practice your smile while being photographed. Initially this may seem to be little weird but deep down it pays off handsomely as you master the art.

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