Big Ways Our Lives Has Been Affected by The Pandemic

Just as any other species in this huge ecosystem called earth, human beings are not shielded from the effects of a major catastrophic event that befalls the land, and that includes the current pandemic. It was one of the most devastating and life altering event that led people to be affected in each aspect of their life not only in the individual personal level but in a global scale. Strict quarantine measures, restricted movements, stern border policies have left the human life altered and changed like never before. Here are some of the major areas in our lives where the pandemic affected the biggest.

Less Sociability

One of the strengths of human beings is that we were able to strive and evolve stronger because of our sociability. But in the advent of such event as the Covid-19 it was the first one to go out the door. Our sociability has been greatly impeded not only because of our fear of the virus but also with the protocols that are now being implemented all over the world, such as the distancing and the mask. With our face half covered lesser emotions are conveyed we are left to communicate only for the necessary means to trade but not necessarily to build connections and relationships.

Digitalized Workplace

Workplaces have now been converted into digital spaces. This one is actually quite revolutionizing in a sense that we never had the audacity to try it on a large-scale trial wherein workers will work for lesser time at the office and spend more time in the digital office where output is measured rather than time rendered. Even meetings are now replaced by telepresence robot which takes the place of the presence of the employee in a gathering. Digitalized workplaces are one of the best things that came out as a consequence of the pandemic.

More Health Conscious

People has also become more aware of their health and the status of their ailments. People today are reported to have committed to at least one of controlled diet, regular exercise, or has undertaken both. Because of the permeability of our health protocols to the ever-mutating virus strain, people have kept to themselves the responsibility to become more aware of their state and has reported to have kept protocols for themselves when they do not feel well, such as self-medicating and even self-isolation if necessary.

Adjusted Schools

On a global aspect many schools resorted to online classes and online platforms for education to replace the common face-to-face classrooms. Although this was deemed to be less effective than the traditional method of teaching, online and adjusted schools and classes persisted with the idea that even with a pandemic on-going education must not be hindered.

Some schools resorted to modules as it has far more positive learning effects than online classes. Schools around the world each adjusted in their own capacity to continue teaching and imparting knowledge but sad to say this also meant that many were forced to drop out of school.

But like every situation, as apex creatures that we are, we will be able to withstand the blow and survive and become wiser and stronger than we ever have been, so when the next global pandemic we will be able to handle it well, well enough to survive and well enough to know what not to do.

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