What is AWS lambda?

AWS lambda

With cloud computing technology, society has seen a massive change in how we work, study, plays, and relax. We use cloud technology every day but most people don’t realize that they are utilizing cloud technologies. With the cloud, one can perform various functions such as storing data, runs applications, etc. Cloud services are offered by numerous organizations such as Amazon and Microsoft. But here, AWS as an Amazon web service comes first in the Que. AWS cloud service offers varieties of products. But here in this guide, you will find everything about the AWS product lambda. Let’s start this guide by understanding its meaning.

What is AWS Lambda?

AWS lambda refers to the server’s less computer assistance which helps in running the code without provisioning the servers. It also created workload awareness, cluster scaling logic, maintaining event integrations, and managing the run times. You can run the code virtually on any application or backend service with lambda. You just need to upload the code as a zip file or container image and it will precisely allocate the compute execution power and runs the code on the request and event. The lambda functions can be written well in you’re preferred language such as Node js, python, go, java, etc. It also has both serverless and container tools like AWS SAM and Docker CLI for building, testing, and deploying features.

Use cases of AWS lambda

AWS lambda use cases are given as under  

  • Operating serverless website

If you want to take the advantage of the pricing model of AWS lambda and S3 hosted static website. Then this user case is fantastic. Here you can host the web frontend on the S3 and can grow the content delivery with the cloud front caching. The frontend gateway will send the request to lambda functions through the API gateway HTTPS endpoint. AWS Lambda will handle the application’s logic and can persist their data to the managed data service.

  • Rapid document conversion

If you need to provide documentation to your users. Then it’s possible that they didn’t want them in one format. Some users can be happy through the HTML page, and others need to download the PDF. But lambda can handle and manages the documents rapidly and easily which can retrieve the content, format, and convert it to display on a web page.

  • Predictive page rendering

AWS Lambda can be used more than cleaning the data. If you predict the page for rendering and preparing webpage for displaying. Then the user will select it. Hence, lambda plays a crucial role here. Using the lambda base application for retrieving data and multimedia files to the next page request will be useful in performing the starting stages of displaying. If the multimedia file has an external source like YouTube. Then lambda application shall check the availability, and attempts for using the alternate sources.

  • Working with the external services

If your business website and application need a request from an external provider. Then there is no reason of coding the site and application for handling the details and responses. While if you hand the request and credit authorization to the AWS lambda application. The main program will continue with other elements of transactions for waiting to the response of lambda functions.

  • Log analysis on the fly

If you want to check the log files from cloud trail and cloud watch, then the AWS lambda function is useful. It can perform the search in the logs for specific events and entries and occurs without information. With lambda, the data can also be implemented easily through custom notification hooks to slack, Zendesk, and another system with an API endpoint.

  • Automated backups and everyday tasks

The lambda events which are scheduled are best for housekeeping the AWS accounts. If AWS lambda has used the boto3 python libraries, it can easily create multiple functions. Functions include backup creation, checking idle resources, report generation, and different other tasks.

These are about what AWS Lambda is and its use cases. These are the real-time use cases which can be applies on real life perfectly without any permission and compromise. Hence, if you didn’t know anything about this AWS product, this guide has given you all knowledge. Want to Upskill to get ahead in your career in AWS Cloud then learn at AWS Training in Noida at 3RI Technologies.

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