Is it worth it to get electric fireplace inserts?

electric fireplace

Electric fireplace are a standout product because they are a popular method to mimic dancing flames on a log, but are they worth the investment? The new technology that comes with a contemporary insert is appealing linear wall-mount electric fireplace, but where does it rank in terms of significance among the many readily available orpat room heater conveniences? Many people are unaware that there are two sorts of smart technology, despite the fact that they are commonly referred to as such. Let’s see whether they can help the user save money and if they’re worth considering.

Do electric fireplaces look like traditional fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces have gone a long way in terms of design since they have been around for a long time. The flickering flame effect, which dances on the logs and helps to create a nice mood in a place, adds to its allure. They offer all of the advantages of a wood stove but none of the risks and nearly none of the work removing fireplace insert.

Benefits of Using an Electric Fireplace Insert


A lot of consumers appreciate the fact that an are electric fireplace inserts worth it may help them small room heater save money. Even if the down payment appears to be excessive, it won’t be long before you see a return on your investment in the form of lower power costs entertainment unit.

Easy to use

Electric led fireplace are simple to start thanks to an adjustable thermostat. This is significantly more convenient to operate than a wood burner. An electric fireplace not only can be heated rather than having to wait minutes for the heat to enter the room, but it also heats up quickly. You may also reject it in a couple of seconds if you want to.


If you decide to relocate, you may take the electric fireplace with you. Other types of fireplaces, such as gas and wood burners, make this more difficult, if not impossible. If you wish to take it with you when you sell and move, you will never feel altered.

Does not require ventilation

This makes the setup exceedingly simple. To plug and play, all you need is an electrical outlet. If you wish to utilize a gas fireplace, you’ll need to hire a professional to connect it to the gas supply and then prepare for enough ventilation. As a result, the cost rises even further.


Electric fireplaces are not only inexpensive, but also energy efficient. Due to the fact that gas units regularly lose heat through the ventilation system, they are less efficient and typically lose around 25% of the heat generated. Using an electric fireplace keeps heat from escaping.


An electric fireplace should be considered above other choices in any home with small children and pets. To begin with, there is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, and, unlike other types of fireplaces, the glass or front window does not become heated.


An electric fireplace insert, on the other hand, reduces the continuous expense of heating a house. Then there’s the issue of security. When utilized correctly, electricity is often safer than gas, and the heat produced does not cause the window to heat up to the same level as a gas fireplace does.

Gas fireplace vs. electric fireplace

These are two of the most popular solutions for many homes, and while both offer advantages, we feel one is significantly superior.

Both goods might be similar in price, and both categories have budget and high-end varieties. The ongoing cost of heating a home, on the other hand, is lower with an electric fireplace insert. Then there’s gas fireplace insert the matter of safety. When used properly, electricity is frequently safer than gas, and the heat produced does not cause the window to heat up to the same extent as a gas fireplace does.

Installation can be complex and costly without an existing gas connection, which is not a concern with electrical equipment. For all of these reasons, we recommend electric fireplaces for the majority of households.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Electric Fireplace

Many individuals make the following blunders when choosing an electric fireplace insert. To begin with, not all are made equal, making it difficult to obtain a high-quality product. The best thing to do is to put it through its paces. The size of the area you can heat is a good place to start, and you must then fit it into the space you have available for it or it will not function. Examine all dimensions, especially depth, which is sometimes missed.

Electric fireplaces are available in a range of designs.


This is often what people think of when considering an electric fireplace, but it is important to get the dimensions correct before purchasing. They serve as a focal point in the area and maybe kept out of the way to avoid taking up important living room space.


They are best suited for use as space warmers, despite being the most cost-effective alternative. They have some advantages over inserts in that they can be moved around the room, but they take up more space and can be dangerous to small children.

Do Electric Fireplaces Really Heat a Room?

They’re not just for show. Electric fireplaces may be extremely efficient since they do not require venting to lose much of the vital heat. It’s always best to select the correct size room heater merchandise that can adequately warm the room. Despite the fact that they are not intended to heat the entire house, they may instantly soften and warm a frigid location.

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