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Weddings hold a special place in the heart of the bride and groom, which they want to cherish forever. So on this special day, every bride wants to look beautiful and dress amazingly. Now the problem comes that will they get the lehenga for the wedding online? Or they have to do the shopping on the offline stores available. Then to clear this doubt you should visit our website Suvidha Fashion to see our collection.

A bridal lehenga is that traditional attire that the girls wear on their wedding day. Therefore, most brides need to get the best of the best lehenga for their wedding. There are so many sources that inspire them to select the latest bridal lehenga designs for 2021.

The latest lehenga designs 2021 for the wedding include the flared lehenga, fish-cut lehenga, double dupatta style, etc. The women wear these lehengas on special occasions like parties, festivals, get-togethers and various other events.

When you buy bridal lehenga designs online, brides have various attire options when you scroll down our website. Online shopping is a big advantage for the brides working and are not getting enough time to shop offline.

Soon start your bridal shopping.

Exquisitely, girls must start shopping 6 months before the wedding because this will give the bride sufficient time to look or explore more options for wedding lehengas. Moreover, if you as a bride want to customize lehengas, you need some time. For the customized lehengas, you need at least 3 months to get your wedding lehengas. Therefore you need to order them way before your wedding so that the designer will deliver them on time.

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Different kinds of lehenga styles

Different types of lehenga styles are there:

  • Flared Lehenga

Flared lehenga is the everlasting style of Indian bridal lehenga, having shining and shimmer in it. This flare is found in the two popular types of lehengas, The Anarkali and Umbrella Lehengas.

  • Fish-cut

The other elegant style in the lehengas is the fish cut that is fitting or skinny to the knees but flared below the knees.

  • Lehenga Saree

It is one of the most trending outfits at present as it has a unique design, that is, the Lehenga saree. These magnificent lehenga saree designs are so popular among brides.

  • Lehenga with Trails

Lehenga with trails is the iconic fashion that is mostly getting featured in bollywood movies. This kind of lehenga has enlarged flares that leave a considerable mark when you walk.

  • Ruffled Lehenga

Ruffled lehenga is also a distinctive lehenga design. This lehenga is elegantly embellished with frills of laces on the exclusive lehenga or below the knees only.

Therefore, brides have amazing and numerous options for selecting wedding lehenga designs available on our website.

New bridal lehengas trends 2021

  • Lehengas having a plunging neckline

V-necks have always been the pacesetter amongst the bride’s choli necklines as you can pair them with flawless heavy jewellery. Brides can showcase their sexiness by showing their cleavage. Most famous designers have put the luxury and irreverence of ladies in the grievous low-cut blouses of their current collection.

  • With puff sleeves

Brides have fetching power and gentleness by choosing the cholis with puff sleeves. This style with puff sleeves has become very passionate among fashionista brides wishing to boost their stamina quotient with valiant bundling and planned to crimp sheer fabrics. Maximum chiliastic brides select this liberating style to upgrade their look and stay in the spotlight on their big day.

  • Printed Lehengas

One of the finest things about the printed lehengas is that they do not encumber their wearer. Instead, you can select amongst the wide range of timeless hand-blocked florals to adorn the digital prints. Printed lehengas have received approval from the top Bollywood celebrities. Like Katrina Kaif wore a sky-blue gossamer skirt embellished with a large floral design for a beautiful look.

  • Red Printed lehengas

Red is that colour which is the first choice for every Indian bride; topmost designers are designing lehengas that will look gorgeous with matching accessories with it. On the red lehengas, if the embroidery work is there, it will enhance the beauty of the lehenga and make it stand out from the other lehengas.

These embroidered Red lehengas are trending in Bollywood; you have seen Priyanka Chopra wearing one at her wedding.

  • Chevron Print

Say goodbye to the exuberant concept of sarees and embroidered lehengas; now try out the chevron printed beauties which are the best combination of traditional and modern fashion. These gorgeously textured lehengas have Aztec print, which you can see some of the Bollywood’s celebrities wearing currently.

Modern top designers are also experimenting with these style lehengas by using a mixture of unusual mirror fitting and the tie and dye work.

  • Ruffles Galore

In the bridal fashion world, ruffles are trending, which elevates your ethnic and traditional attires. Brides can select the ruffles lehengas in colours like pink floral lehengas with the ruffled crop top by the designers. There are numerous options out there, ranging from larger than life ruffles having an advanced flair, micro ruffles on the dupatta, to finicky ruffles on the skirt.

  • Belted Beauties

Nowadays, the bridal look like lehengas classic belts brings more uniformity, while dupatta is being wrapped around the shoulders. So whether you choose the high-waist or low-waist designs, belts are that accessory that will enhance your look and make you look the best from the rest. Just like the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma wears a belt on its subtle pink lehenga at her wedding.

  • Grey is the new bridal colour.

Pink bridal lehengas, red bridal lehengas, maroon lehengas are considered traditional colours for the wedding. Still, the grey colour is also winning hearts by giving superb elegant looks to the brides. For the grooms also it becomes very easier to coordinate with this colour. Making the style statement will become simple with a shining grey lehenga; you have to wear vibrant chunky jewellery with it.

  • Jacket style Lehenga

Lehengas with dupatta are common, how about you trying jacket style lehengas which can meet up your fashion style both in summer and in winter weddings. The latest bridal designs 2021 is all about the combination of layered OOTD with the sheer shawl for rocking a good alluring jacket like a true sassy woman.

Moreover, jackets have conveyed a style to make the traditional choli blouse style, adding a more organized look.

  • Pastels Lehengas

We have this thing in our mind that a dark wedding colour goes well, but no light colour shades will also look amazing. Bollywood divas like Meera Rajput embellished ravishing pastel colour lehengas on their wedding day to show gratefulness. This look will look best on the brides who prefer a simple and serene look at their wedding.

Brides can select among the ultra-modern pastel lehengas with fine decoration and elegant embroideries like scallop-cut trims, subtle floral embroidery, and many more.

  • Lightweight Embroidery

Modern brides are looking for styles where they want fashionable outfits within their comfort zone. Afterall, they need to perform many wedding rituals, attend guests, perform rituals, or pose for pout selfies. Lightweight lehengas will give you that comfortless in which you can enjoy your wedding functions and get that full confidence in that attire. Also, brides can go for fabrics like chiffon and georgette for getting that princess vibe.

  • Off Shoulder Sleeves

Enhance your glamorous look by selecting the off-shoulder lehengas, which can give you an amazing appearance without adding more drama. Conveying a feminine touch to these fashionable sleeves will improve with the detailing work and pearl embroidery on the sleeves.

Lehenga or saree storage ideas has gained so much popularity among the Indian bridal wear having the designer touch on it. For the wedding or festival bridal look, you can search out the lehenga for weddings online.

So for the would-be brides who want to balance their look with traditional and ethnic attire, you can explore our website Suvidha Fashion to get the latest bridal lehenga designs 2021. It is high time for you to shine on your wedding. This year is all about setting the good vibes with the flared top lehengas.

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