Top 10 most Lucrative Business In Nigeria With Low Capital And High Profits

Are you thinking of starting a business in Nigeria? If yes! Read this article to the end because am going to be revealing some lucrative business in Nigeria that you can easily start with little capital and be sure of high profits.

Not all business are profitable and not all business that one starts with huge capital can yield much profits in return, there are things that usually determine the amount of profit one make from a business; Location, and amount of capital one started with.

For you to succeed in Nigeria business lane you need to know some businesses that are really profitable and how to nurture it until it grows high, because I noticed that most individuals usually start a business and within short period of time it will crash due to lack of focus.

However, if you are ready to make much money this year doing business in Nigeria try any of these businesses that am about to list out now.

Here are 10 most Lucrative Business In Nigeria With High Profits

  1. Rice Farming
  2. Transportation business
  3. Drinks supplying
  4. Real Estate
  5. Tutorial center
  6. Cooking gas business
  7. Pig farming
  8. Cassava farming
  9. Sales of building materials
  10. Daycare center.

Rice Farming

The first lucrative business that moves fast in Nigeria currently is rice farming, it is a business that you can start with just little money in Nigeria and you will make enough gain at the end, this hot business triggered when Nigerian government ban the importation of foreign rice.

Most citizens in many part of Nigeria picked up this business and ventured into it to enable them make money, this has also make some states more popular than they was like; Abakaliki, because when you go to so big market in Nigeria you will be hearing of “Abakaliki Rice”.

Transportation business

As far as you have car in Nigeria you do not need to lack money because, you can register your car with companies like; Uber or Bot and become their agent many car owners are making serious income from this profitable business in Nigeria.

Even if you can’t drive and you have car you can look for a driver that will be driving it while you pay the driver either daily or weekly depend on agreement between both of you.

Drinks supplying

If you have big capital you will really be making huge profits from this lucrative business in Nigeria because you will be buying and selling drinks in wholesale.

You may be selling drinks like; Bear and other soft drinks too. People that are into this business are making it big, because of high rate of bear and soft drink consumption in Nigeria.

Real Estate

This is the king of all the profitable businesses, you can become a real estate agent or someone that will be helping individual to rent new house, the good news is that you can actually start this business with zero capital.

All you just need to do is, look for someone in need of landed property to buy or rent, help the person look for the property and when the person purchased the property you will make your own commission.

Or if you have a capital you can buy a property at a cheap price and reselling to someone in need of it for moderate price and make your gain.

Tutorial center

If you are a good teacher or you are good in some difficult subject like; Mathematics, physics and chemistry you can open a tutorial center where you will be teaching students for a fee.

There are many students that are preparing for examination like; JAMB, WAEC or NECO you can start teaching them most topics that questions may likely come out from.

Cooking gas business

Gas is now the most popular thing we use in cooking instead of stove due to the way it makes foods to done faster. You can look for an area where there is no gas station and start helping people to refill there gas.

The price of gas give rising everyday and people still keep using it, starting this business will boost your financial status.

Pig farming

Another best lucrative business in Nigeria you may also think of is pig farming, Nigerians like poke meat and there is high demand of pig in Nigeria mostly on Non Muslims environment.

If you can start this business you will surely be making much gain.

Cassava farming

Garri which is a product of cassava is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria and Cassava is been used to produce many other foods such as; Cassava flour, Abacha (Africa Sala) etc.

One Paint of Garri in the market now is almost N1,000 calculate how much you will make from 500 paint of Garri after processing the Cassava.

Sales of building materials

People are building houses everyday, they will always like to purchase things that they will use to build their house, if you have capital to start this business you are free to go with at least N200,000 you can start this business.

Daycare center

Did you like caring for babies? If yes, opening a daycare center will be a nice idea, there are many busy mom’s that are looking for who can be taking care of there baby for them when they are working, this can be a good source of income for you if you open it in an Urban area where always all the parent will always be looking for where to keep their babies when they are going to work.

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