The Best Places to Buy Second Hand Designer Handbags: Tips and Tricks

Buying a designer handbag can cost a lot of money. If you’re on a budget and want to buy one without breaking the bank, then buying second-hand might be your best option. These luxury handbags can be found online or in your local thrift store at a fraction of the price! Here, are some tips and tricks for finding designer handbags that will last you years.

Tips for buying a second-hand designer handbag

Make sure the bag you want is in good condition: Handbags in good condition can last several years. You’ll find out by asking the shopkeeper if there are any vintage or dress bags they are planning to get rid of. If they’re tired of it, buy it from them. Check the shoulder straps: If the bag has shoulder straps, make sure they are not broken. Take them out and put them around your shoulder to make sure that they are strong and still able to hold up. Don’t spend more than $25 on a bag. There are a lot of people who spend thousands of dollars on a designer bag, so please keep this in mind. Unless you have been searching for years, you probably won’t find a designer bag for less than $25. Spend less on designer handbags if you can! Plan on returning the bag in a year.

Tricks for finding designer handbags on a budget

  1. You should avoid social media sites No offence to the model who posted this picture but social media is the biggest “Fake Shop”! People post designer handbags they are selling/giving away with no thought to the market place. Do your research before buying one, read reviews and buy through reputable resellers? If you’re on a budget, you could always find one in a second-hand store or look through your friend’s wardrobe.
  1. Beware of cheap knock-offs Selling a designer bag on eBay can make you some money but there’s a big risk that the bag might be knock-off. If you see a knock-off with the same looks as a designer handbag, chances are, it’s a fake. Be sure to check the item’s brand, not just the stitching, to make sure you’re not purchasing a fake bag.

How to care for your designer handbag

  1. Keep it clean! If it’s new, you can probably clean it yourself. It depends on how long you’ve had it, though. Since you’ll be spending so much time with it, don’t neglect cleaning it. Don’t wash your bag in the dishwasher, though. Soak it in a bowl of water for at least a half hour to an hour, and then wash it. Check the care instructions or your handbag maker’s website to see what is recommended.
  1. Dry clean it when necessary. If your bag is new, you can use your regular dry cleaning. It will cost a little more, but not much. But if you’re worried about getting scratched, dry clean your bag instead of washing it. How to protect your handbag.
  1. Protect your bag with a protective lining.


Just like buying a brand new handbag, it takes some time to properly choose a second-hand bag. If you take the time to look at quality over quantity, you can find the best place to buy second hand designer handbags at an affordable price. Buying a handbag that can last you years is a luxury that you should look for, so make sure you choose wisely. You can find high-quality brands at your local thrift stores, or you can go online for new bags that you can’t find anywhere else. Once you know the key details, you can look for the best bags online or in your local thrift store. The best place to find high-quality designer handbags in good condition is on sites like Kay-Koo. You can also find designer handbags on discount in online consignment stores.

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