Pros and Cons of Modern Wingback Beds

The bed is no longer a piece of furniture. A variety of stylistic solutions for the interior, many materials make modern Wingback Beds an important element of room design. Not at the expense of comfort, of course.


Today, the choice of sleeping furniture is not only determined by size. Manufacturers offer such a wide range that you can choose an interesting option for every buyer. Distinguishing features of Wingback Beds

Design complexity – solutions for small spaces are particularly interesting. A transforming bed creates a cozy guest house during the day and a comfortable place to sleep for a night’s rest;

  1. The Wingback Beds becomes a real decoration of the interior.
  2. The dimensions of the furniture allow you to choose a product for people of different skin tones. The traditional parameters of a Wingback Beds are 180×200 cm. However, for lovers of space, manufacturers offer large-scale designs measuring 200×220 cm.


Furniture legs, headboard and frame can be made of different materials. The choice is determined by the buyer’s preference. Some materials guarantee structural stability, while others create an interesting decor and attractive appearance.


Wood has long been used to make sleeping furniture. First of all, because it is easy to purchase furniture of different costs. Wingback Beds made of solid pine or birch have a reasonable price and are most often used to create furniture of classic shapes. Elite furniture is made of exotic woods (teak, wenge) or more expensive local wood (oak, cherry, walnut).

Designers love wood, because it is easy to make decorative elements from it. The Wingback Beds are unique, so experts advise that you buy a furniture set for a classic interior. Otherwise, it is difficult to obtain the correct elements of the situation separately. Such kits are expensive and, as a rule, are purchased for a long time.


When choosing products, it is necessary to take into account not only the type of alloy, but also the method of processing. Steel and aluminum are used for the production of furniture. The difference between the products is felt immediately – the steel Wingback Beds is quite heavy, it is difficult to admit. Of course, handmade forged frames are highly appreciated and cannot be cheap. These Wingback Beds can become a real work of art.

Modern Wingback Beds paint, chrome, nickel. A chrome or Wingback Beds is perfect for a high-tech bedroom, attic. And white Wingback Beds or products painted in pastel shades (light green, light blue, sand) will comfortably decorate the rooms in a rustic style. Fans of antiquity will love elite models with imitation of antique openwork forgings, finished in bronze or patinated.

The main advantage of metal Wingback Beds is reliability and the ability to bear any weight. High-quality designs can be used for about 30 years without repair. In addition, massive modern products do not look rude and are perfectly combined with other elements of the environment.


Manufacturers are increasingly using chipboard, MDF for furniture. And this is not surprising. Modern materials allow you to create lightweight products at affordable prices, a wide range of designs and equipment. It’s easy to pick up a bed with wood finishes of various kinds.

  1. High-quality laminated coating – a film impregnated with synthetic resin and protects the surface. The decorative protective layer is painted in different colors or tinted under all types of wood. Glossy shine and unnaturally bright shades show the artificiality of the coating.

For use, use both unpainted material and tinted. It looks and feels irregularly textured decor.

Due to the low prices, furniture made of particleboard and MDF is an excellent choice for lovers of experimentation. If residents like to regularly update the situation, change the style of the room, such furniture is ideal.


Wingback Beds according to designs and shapes can be divided into standard (rectangular) and non-standard (round, oval, square, podiums).


This option is suitable for choosing a spacious room. Because the model takes up one and a half times more space than the traditional rectangular one. It is best to take care of round Wingback Beds for studio apartments. Rounded lines give the room comfort and a sense of security. There are interesting options for sleeping furniture without a headboard – rearrangements are not required to change the “sleep direction”.

This form of furniture can be considered universal – Wingback Beds in a modern style look equally interesting in the interior of loft, minimalism and baroque. When buying a product, it is important to distinguish between the size of the berth and the general parameters of the model. So, a round Wingback Beds with a diameter of 210 cm creates a berth of 160×200 cm, and at the same time it is necessary to provide another 0.7 cm of free space around the bed for free movement.


These products remain the most sought after. The Wingback Beds will harmoniously fit into any interior. Even for a small room, you can find a model on which the couple will rest comfortably. When choosing a bed, not only the area of ​​​​the room is taken into account, but also the dimensions of the owners and their “sleepy” habits. Experts recommend taking into account the growth and volume of people and adding 20-30 cm in reserve.

For a rectangular Wingback Beds, you can simply choose a place in the room. In the spacious bedrooms, the bed is in the middle, the headboard against the wall. This makes it possible to freely bypass furniture from different sides. In narrow rooms, it is advisable to put a rectangular bed across the room and move it from the center. At the same time, the room will have enough space to arrange the working corner or install a small built-in cabinet.

In one-room apartments it is necessary to combine several zones in the room. Therefore, the bed is moved away from the entrance. You can visually separate the sleeping area – by wall decoration, colors or lighting. An excellent solution would be a small partition, a rack.


This is the element of the bed that you can easily experiment with. Designers use wood, metal, leather, textiles, wicker to decorate the headboard. Sometimes this element combines several materials. There are headboards with glass and plastic inserts.

  1. There are no clear recommendations for choice – this is already a matter of taste, the style of the interior. Models without a headboard – flush against the wall – have become a fashionable trend. This bed design is more suitable for bedrooms decorated in modern styles.

Double products are suitable for couples who prefer to lie in bed, read books, watch TV or have a cup of coffee. It is convenient to put cups or gadgets on the podium. Models may have a different design, height, equipment. The most primitive option is a mattress laid on a frame without legs, 10-20 cm high. More complex designs are equipped with special internal storage systems, drawers.

Such Wingback Beds can not be unequivocally considered only decoration of the interior or a practical solution for the sleeping area. Because expensive Wingback Beds with leather upholstery will certainly become a spectacular bright design element. A correctly installed bed can visually make a narrow room wider, and mask drawers for storing clothes and bedding.


This is an essential feature of the royal style rooms. As a rule, today the hood has no special functional significance. This textile element collects dust instead of protecting the bed from drafts. Therefore, designers offer models with awning racks. In order not to make the racks look strange, furniture is decorated with the best curtains made of translucent materials (chiffon, silk). In general, the hood is used to create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

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