Online Backup Ensures Business Continuity

Every type of business, regardless of size or sector, will use some form of data on a daily basis. It could be spreadsheets, Word documents, content management and customer relationship systems, sales figures, marketing content, employee records, payroll software or even just everyday emails. Whatever the case, this data is not only crucial to the smooth running of your business, it also needs to be protected from external threats.

Intrasource is an IT support company that specialises in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to protect their data. One of the key ways to achieve this is through an online backup system, which keeps your data accessible solely to those with authorisation.

Your business may be at risk

We’re sure you do everything you can to supply the very best customer service and grow your business in line with your values and goals. Unfortunately, all of this can come tumbling down as a result of a single data breach, which can take the form of malware, ransomware, phishing scams, hackers or another form of cyber-attack.

Reliable and flexible online backup from Intrasource keeps all of your company data in a secure cloud facility based in the UK, which is monitored by IT experts and sophisticated security systems. By putting online backup in place, you’re safeguarding your business in the event of an online security breach that could otherwise bring your day-to-day operations grinding to a halt.

Protect all of your data

Did you know there are around one million new pieces of malware created every single day and more than a billion in existence? Don’t be fooled into thinking that a hacker or virus would never attack your business, as SMEs, educational organisations and charities are prime targets. This is because the smaller a business is, the more likely it is to lack sufficient online security.

That’s why every business should have online backup in place, as it guarantees that even if you fall victim to cybercrime, your staff can quickly pick up where they left off with minimal disruption to their duties.

Combine cloud backup with online security

Whilst online backup ensures that your data can be retrieved even if the unthinkable happens, it’s a savvy move to protect all of your IT systems through a comprehensive online security package.

Intrasource provides a wide range of affordable IT security solutions to suit every requirement and budget, including antivirus, encryption, firewalls and multifactor authentication. These systems are designed to prevent malware and unauthorised access, whereas your online backup acts as an additional insurance policy that keeps your data available to your employees no matter what happens.


Online backup allows hybrid working

With online backup, you can also rest assured that your data won’t disappear even in the event of an accident or disaster. Whether it’s a case of a PC refusing to turn on, a laptop falling off a desk or a cup of tea being introduced to the back of a Mac, you can still access your data and control your staff’s admin rights from any device.

What’s more, with remote working and hybrid working arrangements becoming increasingly popular, online backup combined with a virtual hosted desktop enables your employees to deliver their best work from absolutely anywhere in a quick, easy and seamless manner.

Ask us about online backup

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