Reducing the carbon footprint one ride at a time

carbon footprint

Global warming is a growing problem, carbon footprint and it is affecting one and all equally. The increase in temperature in this regard is the least of the problems. The reduced air quality due to regular pollution, loss of forests and extinction of multiple species in the animal kingdom are just a few more problems that are faced, all due to global warming.

There are definitely multiple causes behind this problem, beginning with mass deforestation leading to the destruction of the natural habitats of animals, reduction in bees, whale hunting, mining for fossil fuels, industrial pollution, pollution from vehicles and so much more. While it may seem like many of these are out of the hands of a layman, there is still so much one can do in their daily lives that can reduce one’s carbon footprints as well aid in reducing air and noise pollution as well as reducing the consumption of non renewable resources. While people are moving towards using public transportation more often in addition to switching to electric vehicles as well as using the best electric scooter UK for short distances in order to take individual action against this global issue. Down below is a compilation of why making the switch towards electric scooters is a good step in this regard.

What ONE can do:

As the title of this section says, it is important to talk about the steps that a single individual can take in order to ensure a guilt free and clear conscience in regard to the environment. Along with contributing to the preservation and care of the environment one can avoid certain actions as well in order to reduce the harm that can be caused to the environment.

carbon footprint Baby Steps :

All that needs to be done is to take baby steps towards a better, safer and healthier environment. Some of them are

  • Electric Vehicles – The conventional vehicles use combustion engine in order to create the energy required to run these vehicles. This means the burning of fossil fuels to create energy, the byproducts of which are heat and emissions of harmful pollutants among other things. In addition to these, the regular combustion engines not only contribute to air pollution but noise pollution as well. Moving to electric vehicles such as electric cars or the best electric scooter UK is a much safer option as there is no burning of fossil fuels as well as no air or noise pollution created. The electricity for these vehicles as well can be obtained more ethically.
  • Planting trees – This is something that every child should be taught. Preserving the trees that are already planted as well as planting more trees should be the goal of every individual for the area around their homes. Trees reduce noise and air pollution in addition to making the air much more purer to breathe in.
  • Bee population – it is of utmost importance to preserve as well as increase the current bee population. This can quite easily be achieved by the planting of flowers as well as flowering plants.
  • The three R’s – The three R’s are of course well known, reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing the buying and using of plastic and other non recyclable products. Reusing that which can be reused instead of buying new items. Recycling or upcycle as much as possible.

Electric Scooters

In recent times there has been a big increase in the use of electric scooters in the UK. As more people are gaining awareness regarding global warming and how one can, unawares, contribute to this issue, more people are taking any step they can to reduce it. There are laws in place regarding vehicular pollution among other things, all one needs is to follow these laws carefully in addition to taking any steps possible. carbon footprint As people are looking for the Best Electric Scooter UK that suits their needs so that they can make the switch, there are quite a few options available. There are definitely multiple benefits to using electric scooters as there are plenty of options for one to choose from as well as the availability of the best accessories for electric scooters that all of one’s commute needs are met. Some of the benefit :

  • Convenience – The word says it all. Many users of electric scooters definitely find it more convenient as compared to other types of vehicles, as it can be used for shorter distances with much ease. There is no issue when it comes to parking, it can be charged fully at home and there is no need to be looking for petrol stations, reduced traffic and congestion.
  • Portability – The best Electric Scooter UK is not only ergonomic, but many of these models can be folded taken anywhere by hand as these are compact and mostly light weight
  • Battery – These batteries can easily be charged at home, as well as charging ports easily available around the world at petrol stations when needed. In addition to this when in the long run the battery life is finished, it can always be easily replaced as the best accessories for electric scooters as well as parts for repair are easily available at good economic values.
  • Accessorizing and adding comforts- The Best Electric Scooter UK are really just simple e-scooters that can be customized with the addition of the Best Accessories For Electric Scooters in order to add comfort as well as necessities that one might feel they need. Accessories such as cell phone holders, helmets, handle grips are just a few examples carbon footprint.

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