Satkosia Tours Package – The Best Way to Explore Satkosia National satkosia tour plan

Satkosia Tours Package

Satkosia national park is the oldest park in India and it’s just 3 hours drive from Kolkata. But this place has never been so popular among tourists because of its location which is little away from the main city. But still Bengal satkosia tour plan has great packages to cover Satkosia Tours where you can cover Satkosia Tours Package sightseeing, boating, trekking and many more places to visit around the Satkosia National Park, Howrah District of West Bengal, India. If you are interested to know more about Satkosia Tours Packages then keep on reading the below-mentioned paragraphs.

1) What is Satkosia National Park? satkosia tour plan

Situated in Jharkhand, near Ranchi in India is an exciting tourist attraction called Satkosia Gorge. It is one of the most visited places by tourists who love to explore flora and fauna. Established in 1981, Satkosia Gorge is famous for its mangrove forest which has much biodiversity. Visitors can see rare species of plants and animals spotted deer that are rarely found anywhere else on earth; hence it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Some say it’s a nature lover’s paradise! One reason people enjoy visiting here so much is because there are so many activities available throughout both day and night time hours.

2) Why Go To Satkosia Safari ? Satkosia Tours Package

Like most national parks in India, Satkosia is teeming with satkosia wildlife sanctuary. With hills, waterfalls and dense forest, you can easily spend a day exploring nature by foot or by vehicle. But Bengal Tour Plans has designed a special itinerary that takes satkosia tour plan into account your comfort as well as convenience—that’s how we know our tours are among some of best in West Bengal! We suggest you set aside 3 days/2 nights for your visit to West Bengal’s most popular national park. We can even arrange transport from Kolkata for you! Just fill out our request form with your preferred dates and contact information—we’ll take care of everything else! You can enjoy each part of your trip without needing help from an outside source.

3) When is the Best Time to Visit?

A lot of visitors are intrigued by Satkosia, but they’re not really sure what it has in store for them. For starters, there are four main attractions inside the park. These are Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahabharat Lekh Forest, Raimangal Elephant Reserve and Mainamati Tiger Reserve. However, keep in mind that these locations are located outside of Satkosia on an adjacent island, so you’ll need to take a ferry or barge ride across to get there. There are also various nature trails that you can take advantage of while you’re inside.

4) What are the must-visit attractions inside the park? Satkosia Tours Package

Satkosia National Park boasts a varied landscape. There are tall hills, deep valleys, thick forests and open grasslands inside it. Satpuli is a famous tourist spot located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Maynaguri, which can be easily explored by hiring a cab or auto rickshaw from Siliguri itself. Some of the must-visit attractions in and around Maynaguri include: Rajbari Garden, Kalicharan Temple and Namgyal Temple , satkosia tiger reserve etc. If you want to take your sightseeing experience inside Satkosia one step further then hiring an auto rickshaw or cab is one of your best options.

5) How much time should I spend there?

Most of our tours allow you to spend an entire day exploring everything that makes Bengalkot so special. satkosia tour plan However, if you’re pressed for time, there are other options available. If you just want a quick look at what makes Bagalkot special, then try one of our three-hour tours—but remember that there are many things that are difficult or impossible to see in three hours! You can get a longer tour for less money by opting for a six-hour tour, but we do recommend spending an entire day in and around Satkosia if possible; we think it’s worth your time and certainly worth its cost.

6) How Do I Reach There?

To reach Satkosia from Jharkhand, take a bus that goes towards Keonjhar. Once you’re there, take a taxi or a shared vehicle from Berhampur. It is an approximately 3-hour drive from Berhampur. One can also hire a jeep from Bhubaneswar, which will cost around INR 7,000 and will drop you off at Berhampur as well. However, if you are planning on going on an organized tour package of Satkosia National Park then these details won’t be of much help since your travel agents/company would have taken care of all these things for you.


There are several choices of resorts within Satkosia National Park. To offer you, best experience with good satkosia giri tour packages, Bengal Tour Plans is made your trip enjoyable. Enjoy different attractive spots of Satkosia national park with comfortable stay at nearby resort. Go for exciting adventure in nearby areas by taking up adventurous activities like elephant ride, water rafting and zip lining etc. Book now to avail our satkosia giri tours package that comes along with several attractive deals & discounts offered by us. Feel free to contact us on 03340034602, if you have any query regarding tour booking details or hotels arrangement during your visit in Odisha. Our team will reach out to you soon!

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