The Motive of People Investing In Private Registration Plates

As per the statistics are concerned, the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is reported to have earned around £60 million in 2013, just by selling the private registration plates. And this revenue figure is nowhere going down. With every passing year, the demand for private number plates is increasing!

But it is questionable that what draws the attention of people towards such private registration plates? Why are people ready to invest such a hefty price for a number plate? It is evident that most people think about adjusting and accepting the default license plates they get right from the beginning. But, some owners do have the motive to upgrade their car’s appeal in every minute way possible.

Hence, the demand for private registration plates took birth, and people soon came to know about its efficacies. But for many who are new to this concept do have a few questions in their mind. And this article is here to answer every question that will help you understand the motive behind people investing in private registration plates.


The Car’s Age is No More A Public Show!

The default registration plates that you get have unique codes in alphabetical and numerical orders. These codes are based upon a serial order of the cars being sold in that state or country. Someone can just see those number plates and can guess the age of your car. It is because the pattern of these numbers is very much predictable.

People who invest in expensive luxury cars do not want to tamper with the appeal of it. Expensive cars look wonderful, even when they are old! So, it is better to drive people’s attention towards a unique private registration plate and not on a predictable serial number that defines the age of that car! It is evident that you won’t prefer spending so much money on any old-school car. But, if you are buying a vintage, then a private number plate would add some glam to it!

You cannot customize your car to make it new, but you can add some dateless private registration plates to make them ageless. There are no numbers or letters within such plates that can act as any age identifier! So, with the private registration plates, you are in no way customizing it to look younger and are not even revealing how old it is. Hence, it is a win-win!

Private Number is not just a Desire, but is an Investment!

Just like property and gold, private registration plates are also material of investment. The personalized numbers do gain value with passing time. As per the statistics and history is concerned, the private plates have gained value over the past years. The hike rate is so proficient that people are willing to invest in private registration plates than the recurring bonds, TESSAs, and others.

Therefore, even if you are not so much into a private plate, it is still important to consider its perks when you are getting a new or pre-owned car. Investment perks are hidden, only for the people who have knowledge about it. Some people count on it for the sake of desires, but there is more to it. You should have your researches clear about the private registration plates. They are worthy investments that will pay you with good returns when you sell them off in the future.


Install that Uniqueness on your Ride!

You got a vintage convertible at a pre-owned car showroom! Now, you want to spend some money on its refurbishment and mechanical tweaks. But what’s more important is to make it look like something special that you have owned. And for that, you should consider adding a unique, creative and expressive private registration plate to it.

Every private registration plate will be 100% unique! It means that the number plate you install on your car will be the only one across your country! You can feature your name or your job over the private plates. Give your car that head-turning attention grabber with these private plates. It is upon you to be creative to the best means possible!

You can take your name, initials, birth date, or anything that defines you! If you have more than one car, you can also number them in serial order. You can choose a name to be on your plate, followed by the number ‘1’ for your first car. It will be all the same, with the change of Number from ‘1’ to ‘2’ for the second car. And the series continues! It will be quite a show for the people who explore your showroom for the collection of cars you have, with private yet serial numbers on it.


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