Things to keep in mind while shifting house

Shifting the house is no less than a headache. Taking the settled life in one place and starting afresh in a new place is not easy, especially for those who live in rented houses. In such a situation, by keeping some things in mind, you can make the shifting of the house easy. For the best Packers and Movers in Kolkata, you can go with Cloud packers.

Change the lock of the main door before shifting to a new house, because it is very important from the point of view of security.

Before shifting the goods, get the whole house cleaned. If it is a rented house, then ask the landlord to get the painting done.

If you have your own house, then get all the work done for tiles, furniture, etc. Get pest control done in the whole house from a good pest control company.

For daily needs, take a good look at the places around the house, so that the information about all the stores, clinics, etc. is in advance and there is no need to wander here and there when needed.

There is no need to bring all the things present in the old house to the new house. Sell ​​old and unnecessary things or give them away.

For internet connection, finalize it by talking to the service provider of the society or according to your convenience, you can also run the work by taking a dongle of a good company. If you live in Jaipur then you can hire Cloud Packers, This is one of the best packers and movers in Jaipur.

Make arrangements for children and pets to stay for the day of shifting, otherwise shifting with them becomes very difficult.

Make a list to update your new address at all the required places so that important posts or couriers do not go to the old address.

If you live in a rented house, keep packaging boxes of electronic items like a fridge, TV, or washing machine handy, so that it is easy to pack while shifting.

Before moving to the new house, turn off all the facilities of the current address issued in your name, such as newspapers, etc.

Make arrangements for a vehicle to shift luggage in advance, because if there is a booking in advance, then there is no rush if needed.

Pack a box named First Box, in which you keep a pair of clothes, towels, pajamas, sheets, makeup essentials, tea bags, etc.

Pack all the things in separate boxes and write the name and the room in which they are to be kept, so that it is easy to find.


While packing, first of all, make a list of kitchen items and pack, because it takes the most time to pack small kitchen items.


If you are taking plants with you, then keep in mind that along with the plants, insects and insects should not shift to the new house, so take the medicine by spraying it.


After shifting


On shifting to the new house, first of all, keep all the boxes in their room.


If you have bought new furniture for the house, then order it only after 1-2 days of the delivery shift, so that the rest of the things can be adjusted till then and there is no unnecessary fatigue.


At the last house, make arrangements in such a way that your letters and necessary courier reach you.





Do not unpack and collect the cartons and cartons, but keep them folded in the storeroom or sell them.


Make and save a soft copy along with the hard copy of the important papers of the house, so that there is no problem if the hard copy is damaged.


Meet your new neighbors and socialize with them through tea and coffee, because they will help you from time to time.


Decorate the house little by little every day, do not fall into the trap of doing everything in a single day, otherwise, there will be unnecessary stress.

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