Top 5 Essential Features of Enabling an Address Verification Service in Firms

Products getting delivered to the wrong addresses can become a hassle for the companies. This problem can be caused due to the non-verification of the addresses before sending allocated parcels. Sending marketing materials to clients, or mailing them important bank documents requires businesses to get hold of accurate address information of the client to proceed successfully. Knowing the location at which the client is residing has become a necessity in today’s digital-driven world. This will help companies to generate maximum ROI in a time-efficient way and will help uplift the customer’s experience. Therefore, establishing an online address verification system will allow businesses to flourish in a more effective manner by saving them from prevalent frauds. 

Problems Associated with Manual Address Checks

Manual data entry of addresses can affect employee productivity in various ways. Firstly, the users will have to go through a long hectic procedure of inserting their address information each time they check out. Secondly, employees can mistakenly enter wrong information into the system database which can cause problems dealing with shipment queries. Just a minor typing mistake can cause the company to lose a potential customer and money used for sending the item back to the real customer. Moreover, this will diminish the brand image of the company in a negative frame in the global market. Compared to the digitally verifying addresses of the client, it will cause the firm to reap benefits by making the checkout process smooth and less complicated and onboarding clients in an efficient way. 

Making the Address Verification Process Simple Yet Effective 

To verify addresses on online platforms, consumers will have to go through a 3-step verification process through which their addresses can be checked for authenticity. This simple yet effective procedure is as follows:

  1. The user will be asked to showcase their official identity documents by holding them in front of a webcam or smartphone camera. After the documents have been scanned by the system software, data will be extracted for determining the originality of the document. 
  2. Proof of evidence containing a residential or business address will be uploaded to match the information in both documents.
  3. Addresses are compared and the corresponding results are generated while notifying the client about their status of verification.

Top 5 Essential Features Helpful for Verifying an Address

  1. Executing Trigger Based Checks

By initiating trigger checks in the address verification service, it will automatically generate address checks. If the user sends their contact information in a form, the system will process the specific address entry. This is beneficial as it provides flexibility in terms of address processing and it also validates address accurately.

  1. Handling Bulks of Address in One-Go

This feature will enable businesses to manage address data when they are required to handle them in bulks and would prevent the system from fluctuating. Dealing with a single batch and multiple addresses with the same level of ease will help companies to save them from the problem of entering delayed addresses. 

  1. Automated Data Corrections

Highlighting the incorrect addresses or underlining them can affect the client relationships with the businesses. To make this situation better, automated data corrections can minimize data errors and can save the time the customers from inserting the same information each time they want to check out from the site. 

  1. Displaying Address Suggestions

While the customer starts entering their address details in the specific fields during the checkout process, an automated list of address suggestions is displayed through which the customer can easily locate and identify their address. This will make the whole checkout procedure time-efficient. 

  1. Adding Geo-Locations

To address verify only local customers onto the businesses sites is not a good practice for the company in the long run. Providing services to international clients as well will help the business to expand globally. Adding geo-locations and global addresses of various countries will create opportunities for companies to make it possible to execute accurate worldwide deliveries. 

Wrapping it Up

Verification of Addresses has become mandatory for businesses to combat chargeback fraudulent activities. As online transactions originate from a physical location, providing tangible information about frauds can be critical. Moreover, complicated checkout processes will cause the companies to face the risk of losing loyal customers in real-time. To effectively handle clients by delivering the associated products to them in a time-saving way, online address verification services enable to accurately verify the client’s address. Using the automated feature of generating address suggestions, globally and locally, can help companies to make the checkout process hassle-free and enhance their brand image in the minds of consumers. 

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