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As students, parents and educators begin to see the value of CBSE education; more and more children are choosing to move to CBSE. Take a look at what makes Global Indian International School (GIIS) a great choice among the top CBSE schools in Noida!

It’s fair to say that for many parents who are looking for good schools in Noida, the challenge and cost is worth it. Global Indian International Schools are considered as centers for academic excellence. And with that in mind, it’s understandable why parents think this to be the educational route most befitting for their child.

Students choosing to study at GIIS can earn academic qualifications that are recognized and respected around the world. Alongside CBSE education, students are allowed to interact with a diverse and intercultural group of students which offers them a unique cultural experience, and studying at GIIS has become a legitimate pathway into world renowned international universities.

Finding the right school among good schools in Noida can broaden a student’s educational possibilities far beyond what they might be able to encounter in their surrounding area and can help students who might have struggled with traditional schools to shine.

Global Indian International Schools have achieved a strong reputation for quality education and are respected and recognized all over the world and the CBSE curriculum at GIIS is the first choice for many families. The curriculum offered by GIIS is infused with the best teaching methodologies like the 9GEMS holistic programme, value-based programmes and more. The school is well recognized for the ultramodern amenities and prepares the students to be future-ready.

Is GIIS good for your child?

GIIS is a hybrid international high school offering the CBSE curriculum and IB Diploma Programme. Students are engaged here to discover and nurture their passions, access knowledge, develop skills and attitudes to be accomplished, have healthy relationships and be innovative, global citizens.

GIIS students are surrounded by other like-minded, academically gifted children. This means that CBSE results are high, with most students completing their levels with equally impressive grades. Delivering good quality teaching with a strong focus on all subjects, GIIS is ranked as one of the top CBSE schools in Noida and the mission is to create a supportive and innovative environment for students by following a progressive 21st century educational model that includes:

  • Academics: The school has highly qualified teachers who follow a modern, innovative and inspiring learning model. Teachers are trained in online education as well, and can use online teaching methods that are engaging and relevant.
  • Wellbeing: The school develops programs adapted to children’s needs regarding body, mind, heart and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Global Awareness: Students are encouraged and get support to develop a soft-skills toolkit essential for success in global society. They also get the opportunity to participate in conferences, expeditions and initiatives that provide them with the knowledge and understanding of a global community.
  • Curriculum: The school offers CBSE curriculum and IB Diploma Programme with world-class facilities which are focused on developing a young person’s entire personality, not just academic ability. Students are nurtured to expand their potential by exploring the world around them, taking responsibility for themselves, forming opinions and developing interpersonal relationships.

Another reason parents choose GIIS for their children is the facilities offered. The school provides more opportunities for students with a flair for subjects such as music or sports. Moreover, GIIS has connections to many of the world’s top universities and can provide support in preparing students to apply.

The benefits of education from a reputed school are many. Not only will children personally benefit from receiving an education when it comes to income, career advancement, skill development and employment opportunities, but their society and community receive benefits of education as well.

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