CAT Mock Test : An important step towards success.

Examining the importance of CAT mock tests, how they are an important part of a full study plan, and how to get the most out of them.


The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of India’s most tough and difficult tests for people who want to get an MBA. Every year, a large number of people try their hardest to pass the CAT and get into top management schools like the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

With so much competition, CAT mock tests are a great way to find out how well you are prepared, figure out your skills and weaknesses, and improve your exam strategies. In this article, we talk about how important CAT mock tests are, what part they play in a complete study plan, and how people who want to do well on the test can make the most of these practise tests to improve their chances.


How to Know How Important CAT Mock Tests Are

Mock CAT tests are practise exams that are set up to be very similar to the real CAT in terms of style, structure, and level of difficulty. They are very important to a candidate’s success on the CAT for a number of reasons:

  1. Preparation Check: CAT practise tests can be used as a litmus test to see if a person is ready for the real exam. They give important information about which parts or topics need more care and practise.
  2. Time-management skills: During the CAT, it’s important to use time well. Mock tests help candidates learn how to manage their time and come up with a plan to get the best score they can in the time allowed.
  3. How to Lessen Exam Anxiety:

It can be scary to take the CAT. Taking practise tests often helps candidates get used to the test setting, which lowers their anxiety and boosts their confidence.

  1. Evaluation of performance: Mock tests give a full evaluation of performance, pointing out skills to use and weaknesses to work on before the real CAT.

Using CAT practise tests as part of your study plan

For CAT aspirants to get the most out of mock tests, they should carefully work them into their preparation plan:

  1. Get going early:

Start taking practise tests as soon as you start getting ready for the CAT. This gives a lot of time to think about and improve before the real test.

  1. Simulate Test Conditions:

Try practise tests under real exam conditions, like the time limit and a place with no distractions.

  1. Look at how things went:

After each practise test, carefully look at how you did. Pay attention to mistakes, weak spots, and parts that take a long time to understand.

  1. Work on Weaknesses: Based on the study, put in more effort to strengthen weak areas. If you need to, ask for help or use study materials.
  2. Make test-taking plans: Try out different test-taking plans during practise tests to find the one that works best for you.
  3. Gradually Increase Frequency: As the CAT gets closer, you should take more practise tests to improve your performance and build up your energy.

Why you should take CAT practise tests

The real worth of CAT exam practise tests comes not only from taking them, but also from a thorough review afterward:

  1. Look for trends: Take several mock tests and look for mistakes or patterns that keep happening. Don’t make the same mistakes on the real CAT by ignoring these trends.
  2. Learn from Mistakes: When you make a mistake on a practise test, it’s a chance to learn and grow. Look at why mistakes happened and make sure you understand the ideas better before you try again.
  3. Review ideas: Use practise tests to see how well your review is going. Find the things you need to go over again and give yourself time to improve your understanding of the big picture.
  4. Time management: look at how much time is given to each part on practise tests. Change your plan to make the best use of your time in the real CAT.

Helpful Materials for Taking CAT Mock Tests:

Official website for CAT:

On the official CAT website (, students can take CAT practise tests to get used to the layout of the test and how to use it. These tests are real and give helpful information about the real test.

Coaching schools: As part of their preparation programmed, many reputable coaching schools offer CAT practise tests. These tests are often made by teachers with a lot of experience, and they look a lot like the CAT exam.

Online fake Test Platforms: Test Funda, Olive board, and Career Launcher are some of the online platforms that offer a wide range of CAT fake tests. These platforms let you practise taking a test and give you a detailed report on how you did.

CAT Preparation Books: Some CAT prep books, like those by Arun Sharma and Nishit K. Sinha, have practise tests and fake tests. You can find these books online or in shops.

Hitbullseye is a well-known online tool for preparing for the CAT that has a large number of practise tests. Their CAT test series has a lot of full-length and sectional practise tests, which gives students a well-rounded way to prepare.


Mock CAT tests are more than just practise exams; they are the most important part of a good CAT study plan. You will have a much better chance of doing well on the CAT if you use mock tests as part of your regular study practise, go over your results carefully, and tweak your strategies.

Remember that mock tests are not only a way to see how well you are prepared, but also a way to get closer to your goal of getting into a prestigious management school.


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