Express your love through the fragrance of flower bouquets

There are only a few things that are not available on the internet, but apart from those knick-knacks, almost every essential can be gotten in online shops, and gifts are no exception. The e-commerce industry has been expanding steadily in India, and one of the biggest contributors to this sustained growth is the gifting industry.

Many people choose to select their gifts online, as online gift portals have many advantages when compared with offline local shops. With just a few clicks, customers can get any kind of gift they want in these shops, and with leisurely browsing, they come across many unique and quirky gifts that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

The expanding flower bouquets industry

Many popular gifting sites, like Oyegifts, keep the options of flower bouquets as a potential gift, and for good reason too. Bouquets are an appropriate gift for any occasion, and most people love being presented with fresh flowers.

If someone chooses to shop elsewhere, they have to travel long distances to choose the blooms of their choice, but with Oyegifts, there are multiple floral options to choose from, with just a click. Marvelous designs and flower arrangements can be delivered to your loved one in little or no time at all if you choose to engage in online flower delivery services.

Even when it comes to saving money, the online medium turns out to be the best option. Oyegifts offers its customers many discounts and coupons, which makes this site the best and the most affordable service. Gifting flowers is a wonderful idea, but getting the same to the intended recipient in immaculate conditions is a challenge. Online gift shops take and fulfill this challenge without trouble.

What online flower bouquets to give?

There are many options to choose from, and every flower has a different meaning to convey. The color and the size of flowers, as well as the number of flowers in a bouquet, are all important parts of the language of flowers, and it is recommended to be familiar with it before choosing the perfect bouquet.


Lilies have many varieties and colors, but the most popular meaning associated with this bloom is the notions of fertility and purity. These ideas are commonly associated with the white lilies, which are the most popular of the bunch. Red lilies predictable convey love and passion, while pink lilies are symbols of love and admiration, as well as femininity.


Roses have been a mass favorite and their intoxicating beauty and fragrance have stood the test of time. Rose come in many colors and their different hues symbolize a different meaning.

The innocent white roses are often used for new beginnings and they are frequently seen in bridal bouquets. However, their quiet beauty has made them a symbol of remembrance too, and white rose bouquets are also appropriate for funerals.

Yellow roses, surprisingly, were used to communicate feelings of envy, but now they are associated with friendship and warm feelings. Gifting a bunch of fresh yellow roses to a friend is a perfect way to celebrate the close bond between you two.

Peach roses, may not be as popular as red ones, but they are used to convey gratitude and to celebrate new beginnings. It is not unusual to gift peach rose bouquets to celebrate a new business deal.

Pink roses are beautiful, and these delicate flowers are a symbol of appreciation and admiration. These blooms are appropriate whenever you want to convey warm appreciation for somebody, whether it be a colleague or your fiancé.


There are many ornamental plants out there, but maybe the orchids are the most coveted among them. Their grace and beauty truly set them apart. Rose may be popular as gifts, but exotic orchids hold their own.

They are often used as greeting flowers, and they have more varied uses, unlike other blooms. In Japan’s early times, orchids were a popular choice among the royals, their stunning foliage and scent making them a favorite. Their perfect shape often is used to symbolize love and perfection.

Orchids are an appropriate gift for a handful of occasions, whether it is Mother’s Day or someone’s anniversary, orchid bouquets will do the job of delighting the recipient.


These flowers are the inspiration of many artists and poets, and they are a popular gift as well. Carnations come in different colors, such as white, reds, yellows, and so on, and every color has a different meaning associated with it. While white carnations are symbols of luck and purity, red carnations express your love and admiration.

Apart from these popular choices, you can create a premium bouquet with a mix of your favorite flowers.  Many online gift shops have pre-arranged flower bouquet combinations and they are breathtaking, and also available at affordable prices.

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