Different House Moving Boxes You Need

As much as relocating to a new place, starting a new life is exciting; packing is a tedious task. Simple things like planning, buying house moving boxes, and other supplies aren’t easy.

Due to the recent pandemic, there has been a shortage of good-quality cardboard boxes. The reason? Rise in online shopping.

When moving, purchasing a range of removal boxes in different sizes is essential. There are tons of things to pack—clothes, books, appliances, electronics, home décor, and glassware. A lot of them fall under the category of ‘fragile items,’ which need extra care.

So, apart from usual house moving boxes, you need the right size of double wall cardboard boxes, bubble wrap rolls, packing tapes, and so on.

Each room usually requires about 10 to 12 boxes, so investing in a proper house moving kit is always a budget-friendly option.

To help you out with this, we have made a list of different moving boxes you will need for your move.

Large moving boxes

The bigger your house is, the larger house moving boxes you will need. This type of box is usually apt for basements, garages, office items, etc.

Paint cans, holiday decorations, blankets, bedroom essentials, pillows can be quite finely accommodated in these large boxes. People also use these boxes to pack kitchen items and cushion them with pillows or bubble wraps.

Medium-sized moving boxes

For moving, buying medium size boxes is necessary to pack cabinet items. Usually, their dimensions range from 12 to 22 inches and can easily support up to 65 pounds.

If you are packing books or other slightly heavier items, consider buying medium-sized removal boxes with handles. This will distribute the weight efficiently.

Small moving boxes

One might wonder that why moving houses requires buying small cardboard boxes. Small boxes offer the right amount of space for storing items. It leaves significantly less wiggle room for any damage or spillage during transit.

The compactness of the sizes allows you to pack heavier items like glassware or electronics.

These boxes are pretty easy to handle, so keep at least four to five small boxes assorted to each room. Small paintings, decorative items, books can be packed in these boxes.

Double walled cardboard boxes

TV, artwork, mirrors, glassware, sculptures require long cardboard boxes, strong enough to protect from any damage.

Even so, you need to wrap these delicate items with bubble wrap rolls. It is best to wrap them individually with newspapers with glassware items like dishes, pots, glasses, and bowls before placing them inside the double-wall cardboard boxes with dividers.

This way, the items wouldn’t cling to each other, making it safe for travelling.

Wardrobe Moving boxes

Due to their strong metal roads, wardrobe moving boxes are one of the best inventions when it comes to house moving. They ensure packing clothes without having any wrinkles.

They can be used for storing other items like shows and pillows once you are done with moving. They are super sturdy, sizeable enough to hold many clothes at once, and versatile.

If you need to pack and store long dresses, consider buying tall wardrobe boxes.

Where to buy house moving boxes?

Even though you can buy cardboard boxes from anywhere, but due to high demand, it is unlikely to get second-hand removal boxes from stores.

Also, with used house moving boxes, there is a chance of getting damaged boxes from stores. It is always better to get these boxes from an exclusive site.

How much should you buy?

The price of cardboard boxes depends on the size and quality.  Fortunately, retailers like Wellpack Europe offers a range of options for every budget. You can purchase a selection of house removal boxes starting from £0.78 with them.

Depending on your budget, it is always advisable to consider buying extras in case you need to pack more than you planned

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