6 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development 

iBeacon is a popular technology created by Apple. It uses BLE wireless technology. Apple has created an arrangement in which information and services are exchanged in accordance with the user’s location.

Beacon mobile apps are built on location based technology. It assists businesses to market their brands and provide engaging customer experiences. The popularity of iBeacon app development has inspired businesses to shift in this direction.

If you’re planning to develop an iBeacon app, you need to go through a few important things. This includes choosing the best iBeacon app development company for the task. In this blog, you will explore some crucial features of beacon app development to create profitable apps.

6 Key Features of iBeacon App Development

Let’s look at the features of custom iBeacon app development in detail.

1. Variable Signs

A beacon app needs to identify the distance to the beacon which is tough because radio waves bounce around in a physical location and are influenced due to the proximity of people.

Beacon signals are influenced by the gadget temperature, control, and polling intervals that can differ between broadcast to broadcast.

So, your best iBeacon app development company must design the app to allow it to take decisions based on the details it receives.

2. Authorization to turn on Location Services

To enable beacon apps to operate not only the device that must support beacons. However, the user also has to allow Bluetooth or location service. It’s better to wait until the final minute to request permissions.

This is the perfect time to demonstrate the value of an app rather than slamming users before they’ve tried the app, or are even close to being a beacon user.

3. Balance Between UX and Security

With custom iBeacon app development, you can proximate a user’s physical distance to the beacon to link information about the real-world environment of the beacon to a specific user context.

When developing a beacon app the developer has to know precisely what elements can enhance the user experience without degrading it and also consider the privacy of the user.

If the balance is correct, then it is possible to push specific information towards the person. For example, a limited period voucher (based on the date) or current conditions (less busy checkout lines) or user preferences.

4. Business Rationale Imperative

All top iBeacon app development companies must focus on this feature. In light of all the iBeacon factors, business rationale scripts are essential. An application needs to gather data such as beacon UUID, the location, major and minor numbers.

If an application is connected to the beacon, a business logic script will provide an inventory of nearby users.  The script will channel the data to protect privacy and then determine the meaning of “at the beacon” is.

It is a bit of a challenge. The event updates might have to be recorded but not in real-time or the device may drop the beacon’s range. One option is to use a time-based algorithm to check whether the user is present or not. Business logic software scripts can be utilized to spot trends, do statistical analysis, and draw conclusions.

5. Alternatives to Approximation and Tracing

Two-way communication between apps and a beacon isn’t achievable with beacons only. This is because they are radios. They only transmit one way that is not aware of the devices that are receiving their radio broadcasts.

Mostly top iBeacon app development companies use two solutions to this. One option is to make it appear as if you are making the app do the job. Through linking the app with an external backend, it could modify a record in order to recognize the presence of the user in real-time. The second option is to tailor the app or actual experiences in real-time.

6. App Store Audit

Based on previous experience, the developer must:

  • Clarify the way the app works and the quality of the app. A demo video also makes a difference.
  • Create a demo account and include beacon UUIDs for the review notes.
  • Add a disclaimer specially for battery use.

Prominent iBeacon Apps

Many iBeacon apps are successful today.  The most popular of them that use custom iBeacon app development are included below.

  • Starbucks: In Seattle, Starbucks features a beacon feature in its app.
  • Safe Site: The Safe Site enterprise app evaluates and tracks on-site risk.
  • BeHere: The app takes automatically attendance of students as they enter the room. The iPad of the teacher basically behaves as a beacon.
  • Proximitask: It lets users easily send and get reminders in response to position and proximity.
  • Mingleton: It analyzes the user to locate people with similar interests and then encourages them to meet people in person.

Final Say

In the end, the iBeacon app development is a blessing for businesses today. The above-mentioned features of the iBeacon app are important to understand to deliver excellent results in the industry. So, just contact the best iBeacon app development company to begin your app project.

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