Eligibility Criteria & Checklist For Australian Student Visa Subclass 500


Australia is one of the preferred destinations for students who wish to pursue higher studies. International students from across the world come to Australia for this purpose and then look for jobs.

It is because the country has the most reputed educational institutes, and also gives a plethora of work opportunities. But the main problem is when it comes to applying for an Australian visa.

Several visa options are available, making it challenging to choose which one to opt for. Student Visa 500 is one such kind for international aspirants, and every important detail regarding this category is included here. 

About visa 500

The Student Visa Subclass 500 is for international students allowing applicants to enter Australia to study. It is a temporary visa, and you can fill in the application form from anywhere.

Also, the visa permits you to work in the country temporarily. The length of the visa will depend on the length of the course you opt for. Therefore, it will not be the same for everyone, and you can stay for a maximum period of five years. 

Eligibility Criteria

While applying for a visa subclass 500, consider that you should attain all the criteria. It includes: 

  • Age details: For school students, they should be at least six or older than that. You must also be below 17 years when you begin year 9, or below 18 years in year 10, below 19 years in Year 11, and below 20 years in year 12. 
  • Enrolling in a course: While applying, you should provide details of the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) course. Along with that, you might need to include other information about enrolment. 
  • Make welfare arrangements: Students must attain the welfare arrangements if they are below 18 years. In case you are above that, you do not have to make any such arrangements. 
  • Meeting the English language requirements: When filling the application form, you should submit evidence of the English language. The English tests you can apply for are the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), TOEFL internet-based test, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), Cambridge English: Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English), and Occupational English Test. 
  • Necessary health insurance: Applicants must have required health insurance as they have to provide the same details. If any of your family members are travelling with you, they should also be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). 
  • Have enough funds: The student must show that they have enough funds to sustain themselves in the country. If you want to know how much money you will require to live in Australia, the immigration Agent in Perth can help you. They are professionals who have helped in the visa application process and can give you a rough idea of how much funds you will require.
  • Health and character requirements: Meeting the health and character requirements must apply for a visa subclass 500. If any of your family members are travelling with you over 16 years, they must also attain the requirements. 
  • Should be a genuine entrant: You should be a genuine entrant and intent to return to your home country after completing your studies. Accordingly, you must sign the Australian value statements. It states that you will respect the Australian laws and their way of life. 
  • Other Specifications: The other specifications included are clarifying your debts if you have any under the Australian Government. In case you cannot, make some necessary arrangements. The visa will be granted if it is in the children’s best interest below 18 years. Your visa application form should not have been cancelled or rejected previously. 

Look at the checklist. 

  • The checklist must include details like:
  • Have documents stating your funds
  • A health clearance certificate
  • An Australian health insurance coverage
  • Provide identity proofs, like birth certificates, driving licenses, etc. 
  • A legal General Temporary Entrant
  • Pieces of evidence of English language proficiency 
  • Clearing the visa application fee
  • Make necessary welfare arrangements for students who are below 18 years. 

Search for the best immigration agent

It’s time to look for Migration Agent Perth, as they can help you through the entire process. The tips for selecting the best immigration agent are: 

  • Qualified professionals: Look for highly qualified immigration agents who know about visas and guide you. They will tell you about the eligibility criteria and how to achieve them. They will handle all the paperwork, and the professionals have done this for years. 
  • Years of experience: Secondly, consider the years of experience as the more experienced they are, the more knowledge they will have. With that, you will never miss out on any criteria, and you will get the visa on time. 

In the end

As you have known the eligibility criteria and have the checklist, you can attain them one after the other. It is better to hire an immigration agent as he is well aware of the entire process. When you approach them, you will get your visa sanctioned quickly.

Otherwise, if you forget to include a single criterion, you will not get the visa. With the visa, you can also work in the country and complete your further studies. Your family member can also visit with you provided they have fulfilled the requirements. Hope you love reading “Criteria for Australian Student Visa”

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