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Theme Parks

There’s nothing like the excitement you get when riding a comber coaster, or that amazing moment when you arrive at the peak of a Ferris wheel’s gyration. In this composition, we bring to you the stylish theme premises in Malaysia that you must visit to have some an extraordinary adventure experience Theme Parks.

Legoland Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Started in 15th September 2012, Legoland Malaysia is the first transnational theme demesne in the country featuring further than 80 interactive lifts, shows and intriguing conditioning for people of all periods. Constructed inside Iskandar Malaysia Economic Zone, the demesne hosts thousands of excursionists every time. The land is divided into the Legoland Park, the water Par and the Legoland Hotel and offers variety of fun- filled conditioning.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Demesne
Sunway Lagoon Theme Demesne is one of the most premier Theme Premises in Malaysia, positioned in the state of Selangor. The demesne includes water lifts, probing pool, man- made sand, recreation demesne, Wildlife Park and several other entertainment conditioning. While exploring the demesne, don’t miss its one of the stylish thrilling water lifts-Vuvuzela.
I- megacity Theme Park
Offering an altogether different experience, I- megacity Theme Demesne is one of the most instigative theme premises filled with digital lights. The demesne offers lifts including the Giant Jacuzzi, Helical and Rainbow slides, a Children’s Adventure Pool, River Adventure through LED-lit caves and a Wave pool. Furnishing you the endless adventure conditioning, the demesne remains opens until 1A.M. Do try its one of the most liked Tornado lift, which is first of a kind in the whole region.

Genting Highlands Theme Park

As one of the Malaysia’s oldest, largest and most popular theme demesne for over 30 times in history, Genting Highlands is an amazing adventure spot that should be explored with your whole family. This first every film- inspired theme demesne cost overUS$ 300 million and has further than 25 thrilling lifts and lodestones grounded on the popular pictures and cartoon from Fox like Ice Age, Alien vs Bloodsucker, A Night at the Museum, The Life of Pi, and Earth of the Hams.

Escape Adventure Play Theme Demesne
Escape Adventure Play Theme Demesne is a theme adventure demesne that offers you the most instigative lifts and fun- filled games hosted in a natural terrain. Started in time 2012 at Teluk Bahang, Penang, Escape is the only theme demesne in Penang. Enjoy variety of lifts and games for different periods and conditioning that allow you to climb a palace or swing through the air like a Tarzan.

Movie Animation Theme Parks Studios (MAPS)

Located in Ipoh Perak, This vitality theme demesne costs over RM450 million and is designed for families and guests without any particular age limit. The demesne offers further than 40 audacious lodestones that include 23 lifts, shows and 18 themed dining and retail outlets within the area. When you’re looking to bring some fun into your old monotonous life, Charts could be your ultimate adventure destination.
Lost World of Tambun
Situated in the Sunway City, Lost World of Tambun is a popular adventure spot known for its theme demesne, Water Park and a hot spring gym. The specialties of this demesne include Tiger Park, Water Park, recreation demesne, drum vale, petting zoo and Adventure Demesne. It offers kinds of thrills and spills for people of all periods. The highlight of Lost World of Tambun will be the Malaysia’s longest man- made adventure swash, measuring 660 measures long.

Melaka Wonderland Theme Parks

Melaka Wonderland is a water theme demesne that’s located 15 twinkles down from Melaka city. The demesne offers 16 instigative kinds of lodestones including, the 1 Big Wave pool, the Lazy Cum Crazy River, the Adventure Islet, Anaconda Twist, The Pendulum along with several other lodestones. There’s a lift named – Tornado Chaser which is a must visit Malaysia on TripAdvisor .

A’Famosa Water Theme Parks

As one of the largest Water Theme Demesne in Malaysia, A’Famosa Water Theme Demesne is perfect family spin destination. Positioned in Alor Gajah in Melaka, this popular theme demesne consists of 3 different premises which include Water Park, safari demesne and buckaroo city. The most seductive lodestones of the demesne the water adventure demesne which comprises of high speed slides, body slides and splash for the people of all periods. If planning to travel Malaysia book cheap flights to Malaysia now.

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