What are SEO Texts? And how do you write an SEO text that ranks

SEO text

We wrote 103 SEO text in one year for one of our websites . And this blog experiment was a success: the organic traffic to our blog grew from 0 to 20,000 visitors per month. results of SEO texts on website

The website now ranks with over 3200 keywords in Google and we have about 100 top 3 positions. 

SEO results of a website

How did we do that? By combining a smart SEO strategy and writing a lot of blogs . 

In this blog I show you exactly how we write content that ranks well in Google. But first a short explanation about SEO texts. 

What are SEO Texts?

Quite simply, SEO texts are written to rank well in search engines such as Google or Bing.

You might think that all texts are SEO texts, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It is important to understand that SEO is just a channel to generate traffic. The search volume that the keywords generate largely determines how much traffic you get to your website.

So it is quite possible that you write about a certain topic and use keywords that have hardly any search volume. Think of content that you tailor to a specific target group or content that you write for a specific moment in the customer journey .

For example, we wrote a blog that specifically discusses marketing tactics for lawyers and lawyers . It hardly generates organic traffic, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad blog. We just need to generate traffic to that blog in a different way and we do that, for example, by advertising.

Why are SEO text important?

It does not matter what kind of company you have or in which niche you operate: you always offer a limited number of services or products. If you only write content for your services, you lose money. 

By only focusing on your services or products, your options are very limited. 

The thing is, your potential customer is not necessarily looking for the solution you offer. They are looking for a solution to their problem that you can solve. 

Step 1: Determine subject

If you are going to write an SEO copy, it is super important to write about a topic with enough potential. 

On the one hand, the search terms must be able to generate enough traffic to your website and on the other hand, the texts must match your niche.

How do you find suitable subjects?

It is obvious that a personal trainer writes a text for the following search terms: “personal trainer”, “personal trainer Amsterdam” and “bootcamp Amsterdam”. 

But you should try to find out exactly why people are looking for a personal trainer. If you can figure out why people need a personal trainer before they know they need a personal trainer, you’re in luck.

In the case of the personal trainer, this can lead to the following topics:

Can I lose weight through intermittent fasting?

Start exercising

Now it’s time to determine the traffic potential. Here’s how you do it: Google one of the topics you’ve come up with.

Example of keywords

You can then analyze the URLs of the top results with an SEO tool. This way you can find out the keywords used. 

Step 2: Determine search intent

Search intent is the ultimate goal of the person conducting a search. 

The goal determines exactly how people search. That is why it is important to understand the search intent and optimize your SEO text accordingly.

By determining the search intent, you largely determine the structure and design of your blog. You have to produce content that corresponds in purpose to the content in the top positions in Google. That’s the content people are looking for – Google ranks those pages at the top for a reason.

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