6 ways to treat pimples Problems bothering people with sensitive skin

6 ways to treat pimples Problems bothering people with sensitive skin

One of the problems that bother beauty tips, girls. What makes you lose confidence is the problem of pimples, which girls can’t deny that pimples are a serious nuisance. It’s also getting more excited at a time as well. Today we would like to appease everyone who is facing such problems. By taking a method to treat acne vulgaris that can be followed immediately, let’s share it to try it out.

Avoid exposure to sunlight.

The reason the girls must avoid exposure to sunlight. That’s because sunlight is the main cause of acne breakouts. However, if exposure to sunlight cannot be avoided, it Should protect the skin from direct sunlight, such as sunscreen every day. Wear long sleeves Or spreading an umbrella can help as well, however, for anyone who already has pimples. It is recommended to use a sunscreen suitable for your skin type. Or a better way to use a sunscreen that has less oil is safer.

Wash your face properly.

How to wash your face properly It is something that helps to solve problems. Of the skin most effectively, girls Should not wash their face more than 3 times every day because they wash their face often. This will encourage more severe acne breakouts. And in terms of washing your face, it should be done according to the advice of experts. Including washing your face during the day should be washed with plain water. Avoid washing your face with warm water. However, after exercising, you should wash your face every time. to get rid of dirt, oil, and bacteria

Use products that are gentle on the skin.

Regardless of any product, when the skin has pimples. Should choose a formula that is gentle on the skin. These are not only cosmetic products only. But also shampoo and conditioner should choose a formula that is gentle on the skin as well. To prevent skin irritation itself.

Use Ketoconazole.

In the part of the drug, Ketoconazole is used for acne breakouts caused by yeast infection. However, it is better to use this drug in an external form. Because it ensures safety more than the oral form. But despite this, This medication must only be used under the supervision of a dermatologist.


For drugs, Adapalene is a drug in the same group as vitamin A acid. Helps to accelerate skin cell turnover and makes pores smaller in size, Help the sebaceous glands to work down. Resulting in less oily skin. However, this medication must be used under the guidance of a medical professional as well.


Treatment Laser treatment is considered an urgent treatment for acne-prickly heat. And it is undeniable that this method is a good choice that has it all. Because in addition to helping to treat pimples effectively, It also helps to treat acne clogged all over the face. At least it helps to restore confidence soon.

How to treat acne breakouts, each method we have shared with the girls has chosen to use it. They all produce good results together. But there may be a difference in the display of results for each method used. It will take a different length. Conclude whoever is convenient in any way, they can choose to use that method.

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