Drinks That Will Keep You Warm in Winter

In chilly winter, everybody seeks some warm drinks that can keep them warm. Tea and coffee are standard options, but recently, people have wanted to have drinks that are beneficial for health. Some beverages offer significant health benefits along with keeping you warm on winter days. So, here we present a list of healthy drinks that will keep you warm in winter. Let’s begin:

The necessity to drink warm beverages in winter:

In winter, everyone needs warm drinks like mulled wine to keep the body warm and ready to bear the temperature fall. In summer, we need to have drinks that keep our bodies cold. Likewise, in winter, our body should be kept warm, and we can’t take the glasses which we take in summer due to the temperature difference. If you want to have some warm drinks other than regular tea and coffee, you may try the following options, which can be easily prepared and help your body stay warm in winter.

Here we go.

  1. Herbal tea:

If you want to try something different this winter instead of your regular tea, then you can go for herbal tea. This tea is prepared by adding some herbs with boiling water and tea leaves. You can try ginger tea, lemon tea, green tea, Tulsi tea, etc. These tea varieties do not contain high caffeine like regular tea, so there are fewer chances of over-caffeine consumption. Herbal tea will keep your body warm and help you to prevent cough and cold.

  1. Turmeric milk:

Turmeric milk which is alternatively called golden milk, is also an effective drink for winter. This drink comes with numerous health benefits. Turmeric contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antiseptic elements. Intaking turmeric milk keeps your body warm and keeps you protected from winter. Turmeric milk is also helpful in controlling diabetes, heart problems, skin problems, etc.

  1. Hot lemon water:

Lemon contains vitamin C that is a high immunity booster, and is also suitable for skin health. It has a citrus, which is very efficient in keeping the body warm from within. So, if you want to keep yourself warm in winter quickly, then squeeze half a lemon in hot water and have it on every morning. It will also help you in reducing toxins from your body.

  1. Almond milk:

Almond milk is a traditional drink often offered to those suffering from cold and fever. Almond is rich and packed with vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and other vital nutrients. So, it is highly beneficial to keep your body warm and fit in winter. After boiling the milk, you need to add crushed almonds to it and boil it once again, and your drink is ready. It would be better not to add sugar to the glass; however, honey or other sugar substitutes can be added.

  1. Cinnamon drink:

Cinnamons have been using since old age for the treatment of cold when no medicines were there. It has powerful medical elements along with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents. So, it is very effective in fighting the cold. One can add cinnamon to milk or tea and have it in winter to protect themselves from cold.


If you are a wine lover, then different types of wine can also be your choice in winter. Red wines help to keep the human body warmer than white wines as they have higher alcohol contents. Therefore, these are some drinks that anybody can consume during winter to keep the body warm.

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