Important rules of Writing and Speaking

Writing and Speaking are connected to each other. Learning a language is not an easy job but when we talk about the English language, everyone wants to learn it but they have fear of english. There are four major aspects of language Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. There can be several rules of any language but practice is required for learning. “Practice is the key to mastery” that’s why practice is very important for learning a language. English is a global language. Everyone wants to learn not only for professional but also personal life. A person who can speak and write the English language has much splendiferous status than others in a society. There are many important rules of writing and speaking.

Grammatical Rules or Guidelines

There is a major role of grammatical rules in learning a language. It’s like a big pond of fish which we have to catch in our net but now you can learn english grammar online .It means first we have to understand “what is grammatical rules and why do we need to know?” Sentences are combinations of a subject, verb, adjectives, prepositions, active and passive voice, indirect and direct speech, tense, etc. we have to be unsure where we have to put a subject and verb and another part of speech in sentences. A better speaker and a writer know how they can make people understand easily in limited words and this is the sign of a professional speaker.

Subject Verb Agreement (SVA)

The subject very agreement is a crucial part of speech. It helps to make the right structure of sentences. SVA is an agreement between a subject and a verb. According to this rule, the subject comes before the verb. If it comes after a verbs it is either an incorrect aspect or exceptions. Subject very agreement refers if a subject is singular so verb would also be singular.


  1. He studies in school.
  2. They like to play football.

To be considered SVA, the verb will according to the subject. The first example is singular that’s why it follows a singular verb and the plural verb will come in second because the subject is plural.

Punctuation marks or signs

A better writer is known for his ability to write with accurate sentence structure and perfect formation of sentences along with punctuations. Punctuation are the part of English grammar basics signs like comma, full stops, and question marks help to understand the meaning of a sentence whether it is positive, negative, or question. English grammar is based on punctuations, rules can be different of it for spacing and conventional signs are the major aspects that clarify the exact meaning of sentences.

Connecters and uses of Articles

We use articles for any member of a community and articles make specific to any member of a class. Articles are used before a noun. It gives an identification of a noun which helps readers to understand the right meaning of every word and sentence. There are three articles in grammar “A/An and The” which are used to make noun clear and separate.

To connect your ideas and sentences we use connecters between two sentences that’s why we don’t have to use them, again and again, the same words frequently. Every reader wants to read new things not the same words again. Connecters as well as, and, in addition to, etc., it helps speaker and writers to make understand someone in less time and clearly.

Uses of quotes and thoughts

The uses of quotes and thoughts are very important for writing and speaking. Quotes make articles or speakers more impactful and those people who use quotes and thoughts, readers, and listeners take interest while talking and listening. Quotes are related to a famous personality or the rules of a community. It makes your conversation impactful. The medium of conversation can be different but the uses of quotes and thoughts make you special in the crowd.

Find correct study method/materials

We all live in a society that is bound to some restrictions and rules which are followed by us. Every society and community has different culture and mentality towards their community. Right books and study materials can be a major issue in learning a language but currently there are a lot of unique blogs where one can learn English for free.  A child when started his education journey, he follows his native language, as well as the language he learns in a school, which are based on a particular language. It closes the door to learn other new languages.

The government should focus on sufficient material and useful content english learning for beginners and intermediate which are useful for learning a language which can be used continuously in daily life because practice makes a man perfect. If you don’t get the correct environment and material it is as if you go to battle a war without weapons so you have to face problems while learning a language.

Suitable Environment

There is a big issue for suitable environment that affects learners. The perfect environment gives a chance of speaking and without practice, speaking can never be learned or improved. If we don’t get the right environment we can’t speak properly. People want to learn English and they learn all the rules and vocabulary but when it comes to speaking, they fall in a disappointment. Speaking depends on the environment and the people who are with you support you by conversation. The Indian government has started many organizations and communities for teaching English for providing the right environment.

At the stage of a beginner, all have to face problems. It depends on how you take this on you whether positively or negatively. The simple way to starting speaking is to use small and short sentences and easy vocabulary while speaking. When you learn how to speak confidently you will start long-phrases and remarkable vocabulary automatically. This will change your life in a long run.

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