How To Submit A Mobile App On Google Play Store?

Google Play Store

The Google Play store is the most popular place for Android users to download apps. So having your software prominently displayed there will increase downloads. The steps in this manual might help you submit and launch your app on the Google Play store.

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How Can Your App Be Submitted to Google Play?

Follow the comprehensive instructions to successfully publish an app to Google Play once you have finished developing your app and have made the decision to submit it to the store.

Google Play Console

You must have a developer account to publish your app on Google Play. Using Google Play Console, a backend application, developers may publish their Android app to the Google Play store and manage it there. The Google Play Console charges a one-time nominal fee of $25-$27 to create an account and have access to the many control features made available by the platform. After logging in, you may publish your app for free to the Google Play Store.

Add a Commercial Account

You can monitor app sales, control your monthly payouts, and review sales figures on a commercial/merchant account. The developer account is connected to the merchant profile automatically after it has been completed.

Test Your Mobile App Carefully

Reiterating how crucial this element might be for your mobile applications is pointless. I mean, there’s still a good chance that your app will fail terribly if you didn’t thoroughly test it for operation, performance, and features before submitting it to the Google Play Store.

Therefore, you must ensure that your app has a ton of features and meets user expectations if you want it to be a success in the digital world. By testing your app via simulation on actual devices, these tools are helping you make it impenetrable so that you can rapidly correct any problems, flaws, or inconsistencies.

Privacy Policy

You must submit a comprehensive privacy statement that clearly explains how your app collects, uses, and distributes user data. This is primarily necessary for apps that ask for access to private user information or permissions. Your privacy statement must have a URL link in both your app and store listing.

You can go ahead and click “Preserve Draft” to save your information once you have finished creating your store listing. You have access to these store listings at any moment in the future and can make changes.

Set the Content Rating for Your App

To set the content rating for your app, use the left menu to find the Content rating page.

  • Select Continue.
  • Enter and verify your email address.
  • From the menu, select your favorite app category.
  • Go ahead and begin completing the survey to rate your app. This aids Google in determining whether your app has any sexual content.
  • Choose “Calculate Rating.” What the rating of your app will obtain on the Play Store is visible here.
  • To verify the content rating for your app, click Apply Rating.

Publish Your App

Go back to App releases from the left menu now that everything on the checklist has been completed and the app is prepared for release.

  • Select Manage Production (or choose a different option if you’re launching a beta or alpha build).
  • Select “Edit Release.”
  • Next, click review in the lower-right corner of the page.
  • To finish, click Start rollout to production.
  • Finally, when requested, click Confirm.

Congratulations! Now that your app has been released successfully, Google will receive all its data for review. Your software should be distributed and made available on the Google Play store in the nations you’ve b in two hours.

Pricing and Distribution

Choose your app’s monetization strategy before deciding whether it will be paid or free. A free app cannot be changed to a premium app. However, you can always convert your app from paid to free. Following that, you can select the nations to which you want your app to be distributed and choose whether or not to distribute it to particular Android apps and devices.

How Long Does It Take To Publish an Application On The Google Play Store

The Google App Store does not have a set timeframe for publishing apps. The procedure for applying to the Google Play Store is, however, brief and simple. The selection process and processing time for your application can thus take anywhere from hours to days.

According to Google, the verification procedure may take up to seven days or longer. However, it typically takes up to two days. Please be aware that it can take a few days to finish filling out the required fields in the Google Developer account before you can apply.


I’m hoping that this tutorial will help you submit your app to the Google Play Store successfully. Your mobile app needs a strong marketing strategy after it is released. Maintain your app’s updates and modifications. Analyze the app’s metrics to see which areas require improvement.

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