Some Reasons for Using Hand Held Spray Guns

A spray gun is a piece of painting equipment that uses compressed air from a nozzle to spray paint a particular area. Hand-held spray guns were developed from the airbrush. It is extensively used in the construction industry for glass spraying, on-site painting, varnish application.

Spray guns have broad use in the furniture industry and automobile industry as well. The spray nozzle operates by integrating high-intensity turbulent air on the filaments or liquid film, causing the droplets to spray on a wide range of objects.

There are reasons why a hand-held spray gun is one of the most in-demand tools.

This piece of equipment is used for painting both newer and older buildings. The finish is usually supplied to the spray gun by gravity from an overhead reservoir. Hand-held spray guns often have suction from a container attached to the gun. This usually happens for decorative small spray guns that require frequent colour changing.

It is mainly done by pressure caused by a mass-production operation by HVLP spray guns for construction sites.

What are HVLP Spray Guns?

HVLP spray guns stand for High Volume Low Pressure, are very popular among on-site workers for painting objects.

HVLP spray guns have better air pressure which emits more paint from the nozzle to the surface. It usually doesn’t overspray, and less paint is wasted in the process. These types of spray guns are more eco-friendly and require less work.

Some experts also say that HVLP spray guns reduce on-site spray-painting costs by 30%. This means that the process is more efficient as well as causes less overspray.

Choices in Sizes

Paint spray guns have a wide range of sizes that are suited for multiple objects. From at-home DIY-ers to professional workers who need site spraying, they come in sizes and variations.

Two of the most popular ones are air spray guns and HVLP spray guns. Mind you, they can be electrically powered or gas-powered.

Smooth Paint Coverage

This is one of the significant benefits of hand-held spray guns. They provide you with an even finish. The fine mist makes sure that the whole surface is covered, unlike brushes.

For tricky surfaces like staircases or furniture, it is always better to use pray guns.

However, if you are not a pro, there can be traces of uneven application. This happens when there is an overlap with a previously finished section. If the paint quality is glossier, the bumps and rough finish are usually more noticeable.

Effective and Faster

Brush and rollers can be very time-consuming. If you have a time crunch to finish a particular decorating job or an on site spray painting, a spray gun is a much better option.

It does the job much faster and more efficiently. In a spray paint gun, small paint particles come out of the nozzle producing a rapid full paint coverage of that area.

Even with tricky curves and corners, using a hand spray paint gun makes it easier for you to reach.

This comes in handy for glass spraying, where one has to be very careful. It takes some time to get used to operating it.

The Importance of Staying Protected

While doing site spraying, things can get really risky. They are generally more difficult than paintbrushes because of the obvious reason that the paint is being ejected through a force.

The nozzle can be hazardous if not used carefully. Companies like ARS Ltd. always ensure the usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before attempting these jobs. Taking precautionary measures and training is essential to use hand-held spray paint guns effectively.

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