Why is Bubble Wrap Useful for Packaging?

Since the time bubble wrap was invented, it has gained popularity for being one of the best packaging materials used across the globe for keeping products safe in transit. It is lightweight and is known for its durability and versatility.

If we look into the history of bubble wrap, it was first used to pack computers and its utility has increased ever since. It is perfect to ship fragile items and is suitable for every industry. And yes, everyone loves to pop the bubbles even the inventor of bubble wrap!

The advantages of bubble wrap roll are many, we are mentioning a few of the most important ones here. These benefits make this packaging product the best choice for businesses to ship their products anywhere around the world.

It Is Versatile

Bubble wrap rolls are versatile, they can be easily cut using scissors in any size you wish.

You can cut large, medium or small size and it is malleable enough to wrap even odd shaped goods. Apart from protecting items during shipping, it is also used to insulate windows during the hot season.

Its uses and possibilities are limitless and hence it finds its utility in every industry. It is light weight and cost effective, making this packaging material very useful for the exponentially growing e-commerce industry. It is ideal for packing products for shipping to keep items safe and scratch free in transit.

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Offer Cushioning

Bubble wrap offers a high level of cushioning to keep fragile goods safe in transit. It works as a great insulator against impact. Its primary use is to keep products secure during a bumpy ride and rough handling.

This packaging product has bubbles of sealed air, which offer perfect cushioning to lend a robust obstruction against shock and impact.

When shipping items, it is recommended that you wrap your items using bubble wrap roll as the air-filled bubbles will ensure cushioning that can reduce the impact of the shock. It can act as a barrier between two products so that their surfaces don’t get scratched.

You can double or triple up the layers when packing your products. Finally, keep the bubble wrapped products in sturdy double or single wall cardboard boxes to ensure safety of items from intense impact.

Can Be Reused

The best thing about bubble wraps is that they can be reused. Yes, you don’t need to throw them away after first use as they can be used again until they get damaged.

Till the time the bubbles are fine, they can be used to protect your fragile items that are supposed to be shipped. This is the reason why this packaging product is considered a lot more eco-friendly option compared to non-reusable packaging products.

It can also offer savings as it is very cost effective. It is also ideal for brands that offer an option for customer returns, as it is easy to pack products in them.

Cost Effective Option

This packaging option is very affordable. Apart from bubble rolls, bubble bags are also available. In both forms, it helps in saving transportation costs because it is light in weight. This makes it very useful in all types of industries.

If you buy in bulk, it will be cost effective and you can make more profit on each of the products sold. And you can rest assured that your items will reach safely to your customers.

For e-commerce website owners, this invention has been no less than a boon. Nothing better than bubble wrap to pack fragile goods. It is affordable too compared to the other packaging materials.

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