Your Perfect Guide to Trekking at Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta

About the Trek

Nestled in the town of Pandavapura between two hills, Kunti Betta is a hill at 2,882 feet above sea level, popular for rock climbing. With splendid natural beauty, surrounded by sugarcane fields, rice fields, and coconut groves, this is a magical place to relax and cherish a peaceful and quality time with loved ones. . You can climb the hills and witness the sunrise that will refresh and refresh you. 

Hiking is a great recreational activity that gives a taste of wilderness life. And Kunti Betta offers an exceptional climbing experience. With our travel guide, you’ll be well-equipped to help you plan every aspect of your hiking trip.

How to get to Kunti Betta.

Kunti Betta Trek  is about 125 km from Bangalore . It is located 25 km from Mandya and about 16 km from Srirangapatna. It is about 33 km from Kunti Betta to Mysore (Mysore). Well connected to several modes of transport, Kunti Betta is easily accessible.

By Airplane

The nearest airport is Mysore Airport, 39 km away. Visitors can hire a taxi or cab to reach Kuntivetta from Mysore Airport.

on the train

Kunti Betta is about 8 km from Pandavapura Railway Station. Visitors can reach Kunti Vetta by taxi or auto-rickshaw from the train station.

in the street

Several buses run from Bangalore to Srirangapatna or Mandya. Visitors can reach Pandavapura by public transportation from these places. Then they can hire an auto-rickshaw to go to Kunti Betta. There are no holes in the road, so even a private car can drive smoothly while enjoying the scenery.

The story of Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is a place of great historical importance. It is believed that the five Pandavas brothers and their mother Kunti stayed here during his 12-year exile (Vanavasa) in the cave. The hill was Kunti’s favorite place as she spent a lot of time there. Hence the hill is called Kunti Betta. At the top of the hill are a tool-shaped rock and a stone pestle. The mound is also known as Onakevetta (Onake means pestle in Kannada) as she is said to have cooked and mashed here during her exile. These hills were called ‘French Rocks’ because the French army who supported Tipu, his Sultan in the war with England, used the site as a campground.

Details of the trek to Kunti Betta.

Kunti Betta is perfect for hikers, nature lovers, and backpackers from all over the world. Night hikes are especially special when you camp under the fireflies on a starry night.

The trekking path here consists of two crags, mostly made of granite. The total distance is about 2 km, and it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the summit. It is a moderate hike with some steep climbs and descents. The only way to reach the top of the hill is by climbing the rock, which usually slopes at an angle of 60 degrees. Also found here is a giant footprint-like formation called the Bhimana Pada, as it is believed to be the Bhimas of the epic Mahabharat. There is also a “crocodile face” rock that offers a bird’s-eye view of the whole.

In addition, hikers can also do their night hikes in Kunti his Vetta. The overnight trip is very exciting and the perfect place for trekking in Bangalore and Mysore. Trekkers take tents and sleeping bags and spend the night on the hills until dawn to watch the beautiful sunrise. There are no shops nearby and you will need to carry your food and water. It is also safe for female climbers.

Things to carry

Participating in the Kunti Betta Day Hike requires a high level of fitness as the hilly terrain makes the climb difficult. The trail is rocky and has a lot of loose dirt, so good shoes are a must. The journey will leave you exhausted and thirsty, so bring plenty of water. Bring a hat, and sunlight-SPFnd high SPF sunscreen as you may be exposed to the sun. If you’re going on a night hike, you’ll need to pack extra clothes, a light jacket, groceries, a basic first aid and hygiene kit, a sleeping bag or tent, and a flashlight with extra batteries. Don’t go on this hike without a camera. Because the wonderful scenery along the way will make you have to take pictures.

Adventure activities at Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is a rare destination that offers plenty of excitement for adventure seekers. Here are the top 6 adventure activities you can enjoy here.

  1. Hiking

Indulge in a Kunti Betta trek to boost your adrenaline levels and add an element of thrill. For first-time hikers, you may need a fixed rope to reach the summit. Hiking offers beautiful views of the area. Night trekking is permitted here, so it’s a great place for those looking for night adventures.

  1. climbing

The steep rocky hills of Kunti Betta are a great place for rock climbing and offer a challenge for the more adventurous. It can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to professional climbers. 

  1. Abseiling

The summit of Kunti Betta is 950 meters high and perfect for abseiling. The climbs and descents are steep, making it an ideal challenge for the adventurous. 

  1. camp

Kunti Betta is the perfect place to spend the night around a campfire under a moonlit sky. The hill offers spectacular views of the valley and lake below. Even spending the night in a tent adds to the excitement.

  1. Swimming

With a steady supply of water from the backwaters of the KRS Dam, adventure seekers can enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool waters of Lake Tonnur. The lake is full of water all year round and is an ideal place for swimming.

  1. Boating

Boating is also a popular activity here, and boats are called dinghies here. 

This is all about the Kunti betta trek if you want know more about this

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