10 Best Android Scanner Apps We’ve Tried

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10 Best Android Scanner Apps We’ve Tried – In today’s advanced world, almost anything can be done through our smartphones.

Even if you want to scan files, you can only do so with the help of an application that can be installed from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Generally, smartphone users, including you, need a scanner application on Android to apply for jobs or other document requirements.

The reason is, if you send documents via email, WhatsApp, or upload files, of course the first step that must be passed is scanning first. Whether it’s scanning

Without further ado, let’s just look at a brief review of the recommendations for the best Android scanner application, the techjustify version . Here are some of them:

10 Best Android Scanner Apps We’ve Tried

  • Adobe Scan
  • Google Drive
  • Clear Scan
  • Microsoft Lens
  • vFlat
  • CamScanner
  • Tiny Scanner
  • TurboScan
  • Smart Doc Scanner
  • Fast Scanner

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan lets you scan any notes, forms, documents, receipts and images to convert them into a PDF file format.

The Android scanner application from the famous developer Adobe is simple and effective to use , guys .

Once you point your phone’s camera at the document you want to scan, Adobe Scan will automatically recognize and scan the document.

10 Best Android Scanner Apps We've Tried
Best Android Scanner Apps : Adobe Scan

Even Adobe Scan also allows you to rearrange the pages as needed, and you can also correct the color of the document pages anywhere.

In addition, Adobe Scan also has a built-in OCR that allows you to reuse scanned content.

You can also scan multiple pages and put them in one PDF file, to make it more practical and easy to read.

In addition, the Adobe Scan document scanner application allows you to e-mail the scanned files or upload them to the cloud if you wish.

Overall, Adobe Scan includes almost all the important features, you know ! Speaking of the price, Adobe Scan is free although there are paid features in the app.

Featured Features of Adobe Scan

  • Automatic page detection.
  • Built-in OCR and can scan multiple pages at once.
  • Send files by e-mail or store in the Cloud.
  • Supports scanning of multiple pages into one file.
  • Allows color correction of scanned documents.
  • A decent OCR scanner for Android devices.

Download on Play Store

Google Drive

At first, I was surprised to learn that the Google Drive app for Android actually has a built-in option to scan documents.

The superior application from Google LLC is indeed made to support your productivity activities.

Although this tool is not as feature-rich as other Android scanner applications, it is worth a try because Google Drive is one of the mandatory applications on Android smartphones.

10 Best Android Scanner Apps We've Tried
Adobe Scan
Best Android Scanner Apps : Google Drive Scan

To find the scanner option in the Google Drive app, first look for the ‘+’ button in the lower right corner, and tap it. Then start scanning your document.

The Android scanner app from Google Drive is actually a new feature, which is the ‘Scan’ option.

So that you can scan documents, you must first give the camera permission so that the Drive scan feature works.

The Google Drive scan tool is also equipped with basic cropping and adjustment features for documents, color change options, image quality selector, and more.

Interestingly, you can also directly save it in the Cloud that Google Drive has. So if one day the document is needed again, you don’t need to bother.

Top Features of Google Drive Scanner

  • There is no need to install any additional applications if you are already using the Google Drive application.
  • Directly saves documents to the opened Drive folder.
  • All the basic options you need are in the app.
  • Scanned document editor.
  • Change color and image quality options.
  • Save in the Cloud.

Download on Play Store

Clear Scan

The Clear Scan Android application allows you to quickly scan documents or images, directly from your phone, guys.

The application created by Indy Mobile App is capable of being a high-quality mini scan tool.

You can convert scanned documents or images into PDF or JPEG format. Clear Scan in addition to working quickly also has a light file size.

10 Best Android Scanner Apps We've Tried
 Clear Scan

Best Android Scanner Apps : Clear Scan

With Clear Scan, you can also print scanned documents or images using Cloud Print. You can also open it from other apps.

The free scanner app Clear Scan offers a wide range of professional editing features even after saving the image to the gallery.

With OCR support, you can transfer images to text so you can search, edit, and share.

Apart from that, you can save multiple pages in one document, rearrange pages, set page size for PDF, and other editing features.

The Clear Scan Android scan application is free to download, but Clear Scan has ads in the application which sometimes seem a little annoying, guys.

Featured Features of Clear Scan

  • Lightweight compared to other scanner apps.
  • Can operate quickly.
  • Cloud support.
  • Convert documents in PDF or JPEG format.
  • Print scanned documents via Cloud Print.
  • OCR and document editor including Scan multiple pages at once.

Download on Play Store

Microsoft Lens
Microsoft Lens is a powerful phone scanner application developed by the leading company Microsoft Corporations .

The application was created to scan documents to whiteboard images, as a productivity supporter.

Microsoft Lens can quickly capture any document and convert the image to a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file for storage on a smartphone device.

10 Best Android Scanner Apps We’ve Tried
Microsoft Lens
Best Android Scanner Apps : Microsoft Lens
The Android scanner app also allows you to save your files online with OneNote or OneDrive to save more storage.

The Microsoft Lens app is especially relevant for business and school purposes. Apart from English, Microsoft Lens also works in many other popular languages.

Editor features are also embedded in the application such as trimming documents.

To keep scanned documents organized, Microsoft Lens provides integration through OneNote. Of course, to keep it neat and easy to find.

Microsoft Lens is ad-free and contains no in-app purchases. So for those of you who want to scan documents more comfortably, Lens is the right application.

Featured Features of Office Lens
Fast and easy to operate.
Productive for school and business purposes.
Supports online synchronization.
Convert documents in various formats.
Save files online in OneNote or OneDrive.
Scanned document editor.

Download on Play Store

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