Tips – How to Choose a Generator for Your Usage

So many things have changed in this 21st century. Day by day we are getting used to the facilities.

The biggest facility in the world that we all need is electricity. Our daily works while they are domestic work or outdoor work also depends on electricity.

The electricity makes our entire very easy that’s why it very hard for us to live without electricity.

Have you ever noted that when we have to face electric outages due to storms or bad weather?

How much the life feel bad in this situation?

So to avoid this horrible situation we should prepare Ourselves before the outage.

Now the question is how can we prepare ourselves before an electricity outage?

Hmm, this is a very simple question because we just need the right generator so that it will help us by leaving us in that critical situation.

Again we have a question how to choose the right generator?

Yeah, this is the right point. This is a little bit hard word since it might a big challenge for you.

Because there different types and watts of the generators in the market.

You don’t know which type and watt of generator should purchase.

Here are some amazing tips that will help you for purchasing a generator.

How many types of generators are in the market?


If you search generators in the market so you’ll see 3 types of generators.

  • Generators
  • Inverter generators
  • Solar generators


If we talk about their fuel so these are 6 types of generators

  • Generators which powered by only gasoline
  • Dual fuel generators
  • Tri fuel generators
  • Inverter generators which powered by only gasoline
  • Dual fuel inverter generators
  • Solar generators which do not need any fuel.

Now you should know that which type of generator do you want?

2nd thing is that you must know that how much wattage do you need?

3rd thing is that where would you like to use the generator?

Let’s suppose if you purchase a generator it might be 2k watt to 12k watt. If the generator will a high wattage then it can easily run your most electronic equipment.
However, the low range power generator has only limited power that can run only some equipment.
The dual fuel generator helps you in many places. With this feature, you have 2 options of fuel. Sometimes there is a gasoline shortage due to some reason and then you can use the 2nd option which is natural gas. This means you can easily leave the critical situation.
But the generators have many not features like an inverter generator. The generator has high THD which might dangerous for sensitive electronic appliances (laptops, computers, TVs, mobiles, tablets).
The generator’s power sine waves are always up and down time by time that is not safe for sensitive electronic appliances.
In short, you can’t plug all sensitive appliances in your generator even though it is a low range or high range power generator.
Inverter Generator

The inverter generator has some new smart technologies and that gives you so many opportunities.

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Low dba (low noise level)
  • More user friendly
  • Long run time
  • Easy to use
  • The most unique feature is low “THD” clean and stable power
  • Light weight
  • Parallel kit

Fuel Efficiency

An inverter generator gives you more fuel efficiency than a conventional generator. This feature extends generator run time, you have 5 hours to 20 hours run time in an inverter generator.

Low dba

Generator noise is always very disliked in any place, it’ll always annoy your neighbor. But the inverter generator has a very low noise level. It can be used for RVs, camping, home backup.


Generators are always dangerous for all sensitive appliances. Their power is not clean and stable, their power sine waves up and down time by time.

Inverter generators have low  “ THD” (Total Harmonic Distortion) that is always safe for all sensitive appliances that’s why we can connect our appliances with generators directly.

Light Weight

The inverter generator is designed very lightweight as much as possible that’s why they’re famous for camping, hunting, job sites, RV trips.

They are popular in portability and compact design we can easily transport them.

Parallel capability

This feature comes especially with inverter generators and is very helpful for you.

Whenever you need double power than your generator, then you connect 2 generators with each other.  Mean you have only a 2000 watts inverter generator meanwhile you need 4000 watts output power.

So now you just need to purchase another 2000 watt inverter generator and connect your old one by parallel kit.

These are some best features of all inverter generators. Here are some best inverter generators in the market.

Solar Generator

The solar generator is a modern design in this modern world.

Solar generators are most of the quiet and lightweight generators in the market. They are recommended for those people who love to go RV trips, camping, tailgating parties, hunting.

They are more portable generators than other types of generators. But you are a limited person in the solar generators. That means you can’t run any large appliances.

A solar generator is best for sensitive electronic equipment. It can easily run your portable refrigerator for a few hours. This generator is best for very small families who just want to power their small size appliances.

The solar generator is a well choice at the place where you don’t want any noise because it doesn’t have any noise.

The weight of these generators is very light a child can easily lift them. That’s why they can be used for emergency power backup.


Finally, you have introduced about generator’s types.

Now it’s up to you which type of generator do you want.

My opinion for you that if you need high range power output and you don’t want to run your sensitive appliances then you should purchase a generator or dual fuel generator.

If you’re frequently love to go for outdoor activities then the inverter generator is an ideal choice for you.

Here you need to connect your sensitive devices and some equipment to enjoy moments.

The solar generator for very limited time when you want only charge laptop, mobile, camera.

Also, when you dislike generator noise.

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