Points to remember while writing a PEEL Paragraph

An essay is a significant part of every formal education. There are several ways to write an essay. And, PEEL writing is a popular way of paragraph writing. PEEL writing is a particular type of paragraph writing that allows writers to follow a unique structure of writing. This particular writing helps you to express your opinions and thoughts to the reader.

PEEL writing conveys a deep perception of thoughts. Though you can take help from an assignment writing company, here we will provide some important techniques for writing PEEL paragraphs. The techniques are quite simple, but you need to be attentive while writing a PEEL paragraph.

Important points to remember while writing a PEEL paragraph

The PEEL writing technique is used to write academic or creative content. The main goal of this particular writing style is to help writers to engage their audience.

Plan the paragraph

To write in the PEEL technique, first of all, you need to plan the paragraph. It is the very first and vital part before writing a PEEL paragraph. It will save your time too. You need to plan your essay in a way that your readers can understand easily. So plan the paragraph and write it down on paper.

Write down the introductory paragraph

The introduction part must be clear and interesting. Make sure to avoid using personal pronouns. Here, you have to put the best examples to provide more convenient information. For example, if an example consists of alliteration and metaphor then you must choose metaphor. It is recommended to choose a metaphor as it carries a deep meaning.

Add the linking statement

It is also a crucial step to summarise the argument in your essay. It will help your readers to understand your opinion more properly.

Proofread the paragraph

After completing the writing, make sure to proofread. Proofreading always makes your writing perfect and more prominent. You can edit some points or can check the spelling, grammar issues, and readability. To rectify the errors, you can read the essay loudly. Also, you can use any online tool that lets you rectify your mistakes. After proofreading, your writing will be ready to submit.

What does PEEL mean?

If you focus on every single letter of the word ‘PEEL’, you will know the meaning of the PEEL paragraph.’P’ stands for point. It means you have to start the paragraph with a clear introduction sentence that establishes the motto of your paragraph. The point should support your thesis statement or essay argument. ‘E’ stands for evidence. Here, you need to use evidence that helps to reaffirm the initial point and develop an argument in the essay. ‘E’ stands for the explanation. Here, you have to explain how the evidence supports your point. It gives further information to your readers about your essay. ‘L’ stands for the link. You need to link the evidence to finish the paragraph. It fulfills the entire thesis or essay.

Tips to write PEEL paragraph

While writing a PEEL paragraph, first you need to recognize what makes your essay wonderful. There are a few tips that you need to follow to make a perfect PEEL paragraph. Make sure to cover more than one principle idea in the essay. Link the paragraphs from one to another question. It lets you integrate the keywords throughout the essay. Make sure to write an apparent thesis statement in the introduction part. Gather information only from credible and latest scholarly resources. Maintain a fine flow before setting the writing section. Follow a format and structure that will make your essay well-constructed.

Every paragraph of the essay must focus on the topic’s primary ideas. Try to give only one idea in the essay. It will help the readers to understand the major points. Last but not least, make sure to avoid plagiarism. And, cite your essay with appropriate referencing styles. So, these are the tips and techniques that you need to follow to provide a perfect PEEL paragraph. Follow the tips and make your essay better than ever.

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