Five irrelevant car tuning details

car tuning

Many years ago, designers and engineers working on new functional “gadgets” for cars produced some stylish and valuable tuning parts. However, all these parts have long been outdated over time, although some automakers persist in integrating these parts into their new cars. Moreover, even the owners of stylish cars themselves strive to tune their vehicles as best as possible, not noticing that this tuning is no longer relevant. Therefore, we offer you to evaluate 5 already irrelevant details of car tuning, on which you should not throw your money at all.

Fake wing holes

In 1948, BMW manufacturers decided to add stylish functionality to their cars and decorated them with air vents on the fenders. At that time, it should be said that these holes were considered an additional source of increased aerodynamics and served as an exclusive BMW part. However, in our time, the holes on the fenders have long lost their significance and functionality. That is, their presence does not affect the speed or other characteristics of the car. Therefore, experts have long advised against using fake fender holes for tuning.

Gearbox shift lever in vehicles with automatic equipment

In fact, we all understand that progress has long come to the world of creating brand new cars, the control of which is wholly based on the latest technologies and automation. However, automakers, and even car enthusiasts themselves, still tend to leave the gear lever in their car as if creating a “nostalgic atmosphere” for mechanical control systems. Well, we must admit that this lever is no longer needed at all; buttons, joysticks, rotary knobs and even voice control came to replace it. So, if you are not the owner of a vintage car, feel free to abandon the outdated one towards new technologies and design!

Huge radiator grilles

Friends, well, we are all already aware that outdated cooling systems, in which substantial radiator grilles were specially created for additional cooling, have long been replaced by other, newer and more stylish ways to keep the temperature of the internal parts of the car stable. But, unfortunately, all this means that the vast radiator grilles in brand new cars are nothing more than just a farce! It is no longer fashionable, not relevant, not practical, and not even aesthetically pleasing on the part of the car’s innovative design.

Busting taillights

Once upon a time, back during the Eisenhower era, the problem with lighting was acute. However, it seems like an eternity has passed since then, and some automakers still make us believe that LED headlights are just a squeak of fashion. But many engineers and designers have already tried hard enough for a long time to simplify the functions of the taillights, which perform a lot of signals and make them just a couple, not several, as it was before. However, this does not prevent some brands from still following the traditions of the past. Well, we do not advise you to follow their example.

Pro-tip: this article may be for irrelevant tuning details, but do not overlook the tyres. People often tend to forget this vital component which may lead to unfortunate events. Hence, ensure your vehicle is equipped with the corresponding tyres – and always keep a spare tyre. For example, suppose you own a van; one good option would be the Dunlop SP VAN01.

Dipped beam instead of DRL

As we all know, for some time now, drivers have been required to always drive with the dipped headlights on, regardless of the time of day, weather conditions and roads. This commitment is indeed correct because this is how we reduce emergency situations at times! However, because there is often an illuminating control panel in front of the driver’s eyes, he simply forgets to turn on the low beam and can create an emergency on his own. But this problem has been solved for a long time! So, instead of another unnecessary thing in your car, you just need to install DRL – daytime running lights. Energy-saving and automatically illuminated, they will guarantee good illumination of your vehicle at any time of the day.

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