Maintain Car During a Pandemic

Maintain Car

We all know the present situation the world is facing. Through this COVID-19 pandemic complete pandemonium took over the world and many people have stopped doing what they normally used to do Maintain Car. One such thing you could have neglected though this chaos is your car. Where can you be heading off to anyway right? WRONG! Regardless of what is going on, you have to ensure that car is well maintained during this time. Here are a few tips on car maintenance during a pandemic:

1.     Once a Week Drives

A vehicle has to be driven for a minimum of 20 minutes once a week for the battery to remain charged. Various other vehicle features may also give out if it is not utilized for an extended period of time. For example, a rusty brake could be a result of under-use. Make sure to lock in a date with your car every week.

2.     Keep Interior Clean

Car cleanliness as a whole is important in up-keep of the car. Even more so when considering the interior of the vehicle. You truly should not be shocked when the car starts smelling after a few months of just being in one place, isolated. This could be mainly because certain foods or drinks are remaining in the car. Grab the vacuum and purchase some chemical resistant spray bottles Australia has top quality bottles that keep the interior and exterior clean too. Make a note to buy the bottles if you are heading on over to the land down under.

3.     Tire& Oil Check-Ups

Tires can become deflated as a result of cold weather that has lasted for a longer period of time. Make sure that your tires do not go flat and have sufficient inflation. When a car is only in one area and not moved for some time, this can cause low pressure.

Low pressure could result in many flat areas around the tire. Moreover, certain lube shops will provide oil changes along with other various services whilst the drive remains in the Maintain Car. If you encounter any damage to the vehicle, you could visit a repair shop which is considered essential service and are generally not subjected to the shut-down rule imposed by a local government. Ensure to disinfect your vehicle after it has been serviced in a repair shop to make sure the car will be free of any germs.

4.     Say No to the Parking Brake

Do not! And I repeat, do not use the parking braking when on a flat surface for an extended time period. You can go ahead and use it when you are attempting to park the car on an angled area. The brake pads can bind onto the rotors if you use the break for a long time.

5.     Be on the Look-Out

Keep your eyes out for pests that are roaming about during the pandemic. These pests have the capacity to be on the hunt and spot any vehicles that have not moved for a certain period of time. They basically wish to make a house of it. Take certain steps to keep your car safe from annoying pests. Pop the hood and examine on any evidence of belts or wires being eaten.

Keep yourself and your car maintain well and safe during the pandemic.

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