5 Natural Skin Care Tips

September 9 is World Beauty Day. Magnificence is all over, it is in any creation, at nightfall and day break, in the downpour and the beams of the sun. But female beauty, like the female soul, is a mystery that both great poets and famous stylists are trying to solve. An entire industry has been made that creates new techniques to protect the wellbeing and youth of ladies.

Dear women! We congratulate you on the holiday! Especially for you, KP has selected 5 tips from the best specialists for preserving beauty.

  1. Correct daily routine

It’s no secret that the daily routine affects a woman’s health. To maintain beauty and health, a woman should try to fall asleep before 23:00, and wake up 1-2 hours before dawn. In the morning hours, you can do meditation, writing morning pages, reading, cleaning, taking care of your skin, sports or yoga, as well as anything that you did not have time to do the previous evening or on other days. These are the main components of a lady’s optimal every day schedule. Performing just two actions – going to bed and getting up early, you will notice in the shortest possible time how your life will change beyond recognition.

  1. Good nutrition

Despite the fascination of women with various low-calorie diets, experts agree that in order to maintain youth and beauty, a woman needs to eat well, that is, maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Once in the body, every one of these substances plays out specific capacities, affecting the prosperity, crafted by inner organs, the heaviness of an individual and his wellbeing overall. What’s more, in the event that you keep the right extents, you can accomplish great outcomes in getting thinner without falling back on overwhelming exercises and yearning strikes.

  1. Care at home and in beauty salons

Now and again, changing your hair tone or hairdo is sufficient to transform you. What’s more, to follow the skin of the face and body isn’t just significant, yet in addition extremely lovely: creams, veils, cleans, gels and numerous a wide range of fragrant containers can be found in any bathroom of a modern woman.

One of the most blazing new things this fall is skin health management with shading. Color therapy activates tissue regeneration, improves skin immunity, is effective in treating skin diseases, and is suitable for all skin types and ages. Each color has its own healing properties. Blue – sterile impact, green – animates resistance, red – works on the recovery, everything being equal, yellow and white – have an enemy of stress impact, are viable in treating pigmentation. The advantages of LED therapy: comfort, painlessness, no side effects and no rehabilitation period, combination with chemical peels and other procedures.

LED-therapy began to be used in the beauty centers of our city. For example, in the Krasnoyarsk Regional Center for Medical Cosmetology “Nefertiti” it is advised to use this new product in the fall, to increase the overall tone of the skin.

  1. Moderate sports loads

Late examinations by researchers have shown that moderate actual work assists with delaying youth and can even smooth kinks. Dr Tarnopolski and his team from McMaster University in Canada have been experimenting with mice. A big part of the rodents were confined with a wheel to run for 45 minutes three times each week.

The rest of the participants in the experiment were deprived of such physical exercises. Following 8 months, researchers summarized the outcomes. “Unsportsmanlike” mice have recognizably matured: the hair has become dark with uncovered patches, the muscles are out of shape, the cerebrum volume has diminished. Furthermore, the sprinters appeared to be caught in their childhood: glossy hair without silver hair, all around created muscles, a solid heart and an undeniable cerebrum.

variety of options for physical education are presented. You can swim in the pool, work out in the rec center, pick bunch yoga or Pilates classes, attempt cardio. Or just buy Nordic walking poles and master this sport on your own or in groups, which are also very numerous in our city. To figure out which actual work is ideal for you, you need to talk with a coach in a monetary club and, contingent upon your condition and objective, draw up an individual example plan.

  1. Plastic surgery

Every woman is beautiful. Be that as it may, now and again, to get this, it is important, as analysts say, “to close the gestalt.” Someone is tortured by a protuberance on the button, and somebody is prevented from considering themselves a queen by an extra fold at the waist. To raise confidence, plastic medical procedure was created.

If you are thinking about plastic surgery, then it is very important to find your doctor and a good clinic. Recollect that you can just settle on a significant choice along with a plastic specialist in an individual interview! A self-regarding specialist won’t ever attempt an activity in case it isn’t advocated according to a clinical perspective.

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