How can parents prepare the child for primary school?

For preschoolers, primary schooling is the next step towards an academic career.  Child primary schools are designed to encourage a sound environment of learning. Primary schools cover Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Primary schooling comes with new challenges, and exposure to a diverse world comes with new experiences and learnings. Key stage 1 covers the education of year 1 and year 2. Your child at the moment will be five years old. Support from expert Maths, English and Science tutors will help them develop the solid foundation in core areas. 

When it comes to a child’s primary school, there is a challenge to prepare them for school. We have gathered information from mothers and tutors. The data will help you to design a starting primary school checklist. In this post, we will look over the necessary steps you need to take for your child’s school preparation. 



What are the necessary academic skills required for primary school children?

Year 1 is the initial step to the academic career. There are a few things that your child must know before getting ready for primary school. Primary school children must develop the following intellectual skills.

Firm Pencil grip

They must have a firm pencil grip as the primary school children are supposed to write evenly on a piece of paper.

Initiating the Reading skills

Every primary school child must know how to read. Such as the context is written in the book containing specific meaning. For this practice, you can follow the reading with your child. Read the text that grasps the interest of your child. This practice will encourage primary school children to develop the habit of reading books.

  • Text always starts from right to left
  • There is a meaning of the written text
  • And the text flows from the top of the page to the bottom.
  • Make sure that they recognise their names, and they can respond on their name.

The habit of Fun Counting

Develop a habit of fun counting. It encourages primary school children to count every single thing. The practice of fun counting will motivate them to get ready for school activities for preschoolers.

How to deal with the emotional challenges faced by students of year 1?

Pre-scholars have just made their way to primary schooling. Year 1 comes with many challenges, therefore most of the parents are concerned with the mental health of their children. A primary school child will face numerous challenges, preparing children for school can be a big challenge for you.

Most of the child primary schools offer the facility of educational psychologists. The team of experts are there to help your child. They make sure about the mental state of your child. On the other hand, being a parent you can also play a role in nourishing your child’s mental health. While preparing your child for school, make sure:

  • there is a friendly conversation with the family
  • make your child learn to socialise.
  • encourage them for the upcoming challenges.
  • communicate about the exciting activities to get a child ready for school.


What should a 4-year old know before starting school?

There are few things that your child needs to know before primary schooling. The information of our professionals will help you to evaluate whether they are ready for child primary school or not. There are few things to consider when it comes to preparing children for school.

  • He must be toilet trained.
  • He should know basic social norms such as respecting the elders and showing care to others.
  • They must have developed a sound eating habit such that they can eat on their own.
  • He can wear his clothes and can tuck the buttons of his coat.
  • Encourage him to play his role in groups.
  • Appreciate your child to play outdoor games such as running or swimming.


How can I help my primary school child?

Before getting straight to your child’s school preparation, being a parent, there are few things that you need to know. Year 1 is the first phase, and definitely, your child will face challenges. Before making up your child’s mind, there is a need that you should prepare yourself first. We have listed some essential measures to take before the first day of your child’s primary school.

  • Admit that your child will face new challenges.
  • Prepare yourself in advance to handle the challenges.
  • Motivate your child to get ready for school activities.
  • Make a checklist of activities to get the child ready for school.
  • Communicate with your child every single day. This practice will help you to understand the psychology of primary school children.
  • Prepare them in academics. You can also move to the tutoring options.

 The main concern of parents is how to prepare the child for school? At the back end, they are concerned with child  psychology, such as whether they are ready for  primary school. With these measures, you can help your child. These practices will allow him to face challenges gracefully at child primary school.

 Final Thoughts

Primary school preparation is a very difficult task. With the assistance of our knowledge, you can help your child. Besides academic opportunities, the child primary schools offer numerous productive co-curricular activities. that helps to shape the skills of primary school children.

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