7 Myths About Heart Attack

The thought of having a heart attack can be frightening; there are many myths to confuse a heart attack and to avoid a heart attack, you must know the symptoms of a heart attack well. To prevent or treat a heart attack, you must have as much information as possible about the signs or symptoms of a heart attack. You can confirm your health condition by lab tests. For lab tests you need to choose any medical lab like Chughtai lab.

Myths about heart attack

Heart attack is considered a disease of the elderly, or it is thought that a heart attack can only affect the sick or the elderly, but there is no truth in it. The risk of having a heart attack is as high for young people as for the elderly.

A heart attack is like heart failure

It is commonly believed that a heart attack means heart failure, but this is not the case. A heart attack occurs when the blood flow from the heart suddenly stops for some reason. The most common cause is a blockage in one of the coronary arteries. Malignancy causes heart failure, which causes the heart not to pump blood properly and leads to heart failure. To confirm your heart attack you need to visit any medical place like Chughtai lab.

Heart attacks do not occur in healthy people

It is a common misconception that healthy people do not have a heart attack, although this is not true because stress is a major cause of heart attack, and you suffer from stress in any situation. Even if you exercise daily, you can still suffer from stress. A British study shows that work-related stress is the biggest cause.

There is no doubt that a healthy diet, regular exercise, smoking cessation and regular checkups by a doctor or lab tests from Chughtai lab can help keep your heart healthy and may even increase the risk of a heart attack. But it is not uncommon for healthy people to have a heart attack.

Chest pain is the leading cause of heart attack

It is often thought that the sign of a heart attack is chest pain, as shown in movies and dramas. Still, each heart attack can have different symptoms such as difficulty breathing, pain in the stomach. Chest pain, jaw, neck and back pain, back arm pain, dizziness, or headache can also be symptoms of a heart attack. There may be other causes of pain. Lab tests from Chughtai lab confirm the cause of pain.

Heart attacks only happen to men

It is a common misconception that heart attacks occur in men while fatal in both. However, the symptoms may be different in both, so you must have information about its symptoms and you. Get your doctor to check your heart.

You cannot exercise after a heart attack

The fact is that exercise is the best way to prevent a heart attack. Moving the body helps you lower your blood pressure, but you should do light exercise after a heart attack. Recommend such as walking, riding a bike. Because it pumps your blood, however, lifting weights is prohibited because it increases the risk of high blood pressure.

Heart attack causes death

The most frightening thought about a heart attack is that it causes death, but it is not true. It is possible that a heart attack can damage your heart and shorten your life, but the heart Even after a stroke, many people can live longer by protecting their hearts and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Heart attacks only occur in the elderly

Older people have seizures, but ageing may not be a natural cause of a heart attack, but a healthy diet and regular exercise and medical checkups can help you avoid a heart attack even at a bad age. Some seizures are also due to hereditary heart disease, so it is important to get heart checkup information from your doctor during regular physical checkups.

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