Why Tech Companies, Even If They’re B2B, Should Stop Ignoring Instagram?

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Inbound marketing is a great way to reach a Tech Companies broad audience with visual storytelling. And Instagram is a visual storytelling platform. Even if your company is B2B, it can benefit from Instagram. Read on to discover the reasons why your tech company should stop ignoring Instagram. Here are some of them:

Tech Companies Visual Marketing:

The popularity of Instagram is so wide that even B2B tech companies are joining the conversation. Instagram’s feature of sharing company photos and videos lets companies personalize their brand with the help of visual storytelling. While you may not be able to engage with B2B buyers in the same way as a consumer, Instagram’s 800 million monthly active users give B2B companies the ability to personalize their brand in an authentic and relatable way.

Engage with customers:

Whether you’re a B2B company or not, Instagram has plenty of potentials to engage customers. Instagram’s analytics feature lets you see how well your posts are performing in comparison to other social media channels.

Useful Insights:

 Unlike a website, Instagram Insights gives you the details you need to determine whether your posts and ads are working. It also allows you to track the success of your posts and ads with ease.

Tech Companies Unique marketing Approach:

You can follow what other companies are doing. For example, IBM’s approach to Instagram is different than most. The company shares its account managers’ backgrounds, which helps your followers understand the face behind the brand. Additionally, it gives credit to employees in the photos and takes followers on a tour of the company’s headquarters. Using this approach, IBM gives its customers a peek behind the scenes. The result is an impressive visual storytelling platform for B2B tech companies.

Marketing and sales channel:

While B2B-related companies may be wary of using Instagram to promote their business, the social media app can be excellent marketing and sales channel. 

To promote your company on Instagram, you can acquire third-party services to increase Instagram followers UK. Having some followers paves a way for more following as friends of your followers might follow you if they find your content to be interesting. 

Tech Companies Using hashtags:

Use hashtags and follow relevant accounts to keep your brand in front of prospective customers. Use existing content and repurpose it for Instagram posts. The Instagram community is a great place to engage with customers and gain trust.

Free promotional trials:

Tech companies can take advantage of inbound marketing by offering free trials of their products. Free trials can increase sales and conversions and may even attract new leads. In addition to saving time and money, such offers let prospects evaluate a product before making a purchase. The inbound marketing process can also help tech companies rank in search engines and increase leads.

Inbound Marketing and SEO:

Inbound marketing combines content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). When used correctly, inbound marketing can increase a company’s ranking in the search engines and increase traffic. Content marketing includes using keywords to optimize the content. Inbound marketing is the most effective strategy to reach a large audience, even for B2B companies.

Content marketing:

Content is the foundation of digital marketing. With content centered around a specific keyword, a brand can easily create a blog that contains content around that keyword. Content can also be published on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to reach a larger audience. Using these platforms, tech companies can leverage their existing audience by reaching the people who are already interested in their services.

Tech Companies More sales:

Most companies are generating more sales by using Instagram rather than their business websites and online stores. As a B2B business, you would highly benefit from marketing strategy and attract customers by using Instagram as your primary marketing portal. To improve the velocity of your sales, you can also buy Instagram likes UK. This will trigger the Instagram algorithm into believing that a lot of customers are interested in your products. As a result, the platform will show your content to more prospective users to improve their shopping experience. 

Showcase company culture:

Many B2B tech companies are prone to appearing too corporate and stuffy on their social media pages, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By incorporating images of their team members and the fun they’re having outside of the office, big brands can humanize their corporate image and make it more relatable. A good example is Microsoft, which uses Instagram to highlight its employees’ work and the work of its Culture Clubs.

Tell about your people:

A B2B business can take this approach by incorporating photos of its people and office culture. Tech companies can use this platform to showcase their work culture and show off their at-home working environment. This will also help build the reputation of the business and spread the word about its corporate culture. B2B tech companies should develop an Instagram strategy that focuses on these aspects of company culture.

Be an advocate of your values:

Despite the B2B label, Instagram is a valuable platform for businesses, and many B2C brands are reaping the benefits. A company’s brand is ultimately about people, and storytelling reflects the values of the business. By using Instagram, tech companies can advocate their values and create a relationship with consumers that will last long after the sales process ends.

Share events and make announcements:

Instagram is an excellent way to share company culture. In addition to photos of employees, tech companies can also share photos of upcoming events. The company also uses hashtags to promote its conferences. Using #lifeatOracle gives followers a sneak peek into the company’s culture. If you’re looking for an idea for an Instagram campaign, consider using a hashtag like #lifeatOracle.

Build audience:

While many B2B tech companies shy away from social media, Instagram offers a goldmine for brands that sell to businesses. Using this platform to build an audience and distinguish their brands is one way to attract new business, while also fostering customer loyalty.

Explore marketing opportunities:

In addition to offering diverse content formats, Instagram supports discovery and delight across the buyer’s journey, increasing brand favorability. Even tech companies that aren’t B2B should use this platform to share relevant, timely content. Currently, 500,000 advertisers are using the platform to grow their business. While most of them see a significant lift in sales, future Instagram updates will make it even more B2B-friendly.

Regular post for more attention:

Posting regularly is crucial to your company’s success on Instagram. The algorithm uses machine learning to determine which content users are most likely to engage with. By posting regularly, you’ll increase your chances of being featured in a user’s feed. Also, posting often can help your brand show up in a buyer’s feed, thereby boosting your chance of engaging with customers and building trust.


While many tech companies may not have a social media team, using Instagram to engage with customers and prospects is a wise decision. In addition to connecting your business to millions of potential customers, this platform also lets you manage everything in one place.

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