14 Best and Free Stock Video Sites in 2022 [No Copyright]

14 Best Royalty Free Stock Video Sites in 2022 [No Copyright] – Whether it’s for a personal or professional project, we’ve all looked for a stock of royalty free videos at least once.

With videos, not everything is allowed on the Internet. A royalty-free video implies that you will be allowed to use it in your creations, even in the one you are going to market.

Finding this type of videos, and especially quality videos, is not always easy. To save you time, I have selected the best Free Stock Video Sites on the web, by category, offering this type of content in 2022.Summary

Top 14 Royalty Free Stock Video Sites to Check Out in 2022
Best 14 Free Stock Video Sites to Check Out in 2022
Pixabay for its catalog
Video for its variety
Pexels for its content creators
Wave.video to directly edit templates
XstockVideo for its simplicity
Mazwai for 100% free
Vidsplay for its landscapes
Videezy for its aerial and nature views
Motion Elements for content from Asia
Mixkit for its templates
Life of Vids for its exclusive content
Cover for its regular updates
Splitshire for its potential
Dareful for 4K video
Pixabay for its catalog
If a leader were to emerge among the sites offering free and royalty Free Stock Video Sites video content, it would be Pixabay.

And for good reason, the platform offers more than 20,000 videos (in addition to millions of photos, illustrations and vectors), which you can download without taking out your credit card.

Best and Free Stock Video Sites : Pixabay
Pixabay goes further by allowing you to use these videos however you see fit, even commercially.

These videos are indeed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license which does not imply any copyright (although you can always thank the author of the video by quoting him).

You will generally find illustration videos there that are less than a minute long, in MP4 format, and whose quality can reach ultra HD in some cases.

Another advantage, the site is available in French, even if some translations are still missing today. This will not prevent you from enjoying the videos.

If however you do not find what you are looking for, being a member of the Pixabay community offers you discounts on certain partner content (Shutterstock or Adobe Stock).

Videvo for its variety
Videvo offers literally everything from landscape videos to videos with special effects.

After Pixabay, it is probably the platform offering the most free videos (more than 15,000). If we add the premium videos, this figure rises to 300,000.

Best and Free Stock Video Sites : Video
You will definitely find your happiness there. The resolution (up to Ultra HD) and the format of the videos (MP4 or Quicktime) is unfortunately not modifiable. You will have to adapt to what you download.

Once you have made your choice of video, you will also need to check the type of license that accompanies it.

This ranges from the royalty-free license to the license that requires you to mention the name of the author. In any case, it will be necessary to modify the video, or integrate it into a larger project, before publishing it on a site or marketing it.

Videvo offers a premium subscription starting at $5 per month (for 5 downloadable premium videos each month). The site is in English, but remains intuitive enough to be used without difficulty.

Pexels for its content creators
Pexels is a bit of heaven for content marketing creators.

Its principle is simple, thousands of passionate contributors publish their videos and offer them for download.

The quality of the content can be quite variable, but it happens to come across real nuggets. A content creator’s number of subscribers will be a good indicator of the quality of their videos.

Best and Free Stock Video Sites : Pexels
Most videos will be in Full HD format, but more and more creators are using Ultra HD format.

One of the strengths of Pexels, which sets it apart from the competition, is the presence of many videos in vertical format.

An ideal format for professionals who want to create content for mobile.

In addition, many videos with green backgrounds are available for direct editing (if you want to display your website on a smartphone screen, for example).

The site is in French, its presentation is refined and its use very simple. You’ll love discovering talented new designers during your research.

There is no paid option available, you can download all content from Pexels for free under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Wave.video to directly edit templates
The main objective of wave.video is to allow the creation of videos directly from their library.

In a very simple way, you just have to choose from the thousands of templates and videos available, then edit them as you see fit.

Best and Free Stock Video Sites : Wave.video
For this, many effects and other options are available. It is also possible to directly download the videos that interest you, without going through the editing box.

But we’re not going to lie to each other, the free aspect of wave.video quickly reaches its limits.

You will be limited to HD (720p) downloads.

Above all, you will not be able to download more than 15 seconds of image.

If the clip you selected is 30 seconds long, for example, you will only be able to download half of it. It can therefore quickly become complicated to use, especially if you need a lot of videos.

However, if you are interested in the live video editing side, the packages start at 24 euros per month (with annual billing).

Although in English, the editing tool of wave.video remains very intuitive and will suit beginners and marketers alike.

Provided you put your hand in your pocket…

XstockVideo for its simplicity
XstockVideo does not go through four paths. A site in English, free videos, and that’s about it.

More than 5000 videos covering many categories are waiting for you. They will be available in .mov format, in different resolutions (up to full HD).

When uploading, the platform asks you to share a promotional message for a sponsor on the social network of your choice.

After that you can download as many videos as you want.

This sharing is not verified and nothing prevents the download of the video if you do not do so. This system is therefore based on a relationship of trust.

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