6 Social Media Advertising Platforms to Use in 2022

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During constant updates on changes to social media Advertising Platforms algorithms and the search engine ranking and algorithms, it could be not easy to make your content visible. However, organic search is a free and, perhaps, more comfortable choice; however, the odds of making it viral without money in the mix are low.

While owned and earned media each have their unique advertising value, paid social ads are the most reliable method to generate customers and sales from the beginning. By 2021 75 percent of Gen Zers and 48 percent of millennials make buying decisions influenced by media advertisements. In 2020, social media advertising expenditure in the US was estimated at $40.3 billion.

No matter if you’re a huge or small-sized business owner, advertising on social media is vital, especially when you’re looking to be different from the rest, to increase content views and boost sales.

What exactly is Social Media Advertising?

Social media ads, also known as social media targeting, are advertisements shown to users of social media platforms.

Social networks make use of user data to provide highly relevant ads in response to interactions on a specific platform. When the audience is aligned with the demographics of the platform’s users, social media advertising can result in massive increases in conversions and sales at a lower cost acquisition.

In this blog, we’ll go over the various aspects of advertising on social media, including managing campaigns to the various types of advertisements, as well as specific examples for how you can implement them.

The Top Social Media Platforms for 2022

When you’re deciding where to put your ads, bear in mind that every social media platform has an individual audience. Therefore, find where your ideal clients are, and then meet them there. If your ideal customers are between 60 and above, Social media platforms like Tik Tok may not be your most effective choice, but perhaps Facebook is.

If your company is already on the social web, figure out which social media platforms produce good organically. This can be a useful indication of where to be focusing your marketing campaigns.

#1 Instagram

The platform is known for its beautiful videos and photos. Instagram is an ideal platform for companies with visually appealing products and can easily be integrated into visual media.

Furthermore, Instagram has an engagement rate 58 percent higher than Facebook’s and 2,000% more than Twitter. Instagram is home to a large number of users. Still, it’s generally older as compared to other platforms for advertising.

So, if your company and the target market you are targeting fits these two features, Instagram advertising might be the ideal choice for you.

Although organic content and stories can be excellent ways to drive traffic to your site, ads on Instagram are connected directly to your product page or a different best landing page for mobile app , making it easy and quick engagement with your brand.

#2 Tiktok

While it’s a relatively young participant in the social media advertising market, TikTok is a great opportunity to reach potential customers, particularly those with younger ages.

As per EMarketer, a lot of Tik Tok social-commerce capabilities are mainly focused on product advertisements, which are native videos in the users’ “For You” feeds. They are full-screen and run for nine seconds, exactly like an ordinary Tik Tok post. In each ad, users can click on the “Shop Now” button to take them straight to the merchant’s website for checkout. If you are having TikTok login problems and you cannot access your Tik Tok account, there are quite a few ways to open your Tik Tok account.

Apart from in-feed ads and other ads that are available on TikTok, include Brand Takeovers. This means that your advertisement will appear immediately after users open the app or open the app. Or, a Branded Hashtag Challenge, which promotes user-generated content via popular hashtags and engaging video challenges, such as popular dances or creative filters best place to buy reel views.

#3 Linkedin

As the world’s biggest professional networking site, LinkedIn is home to a significant number of professional users. It is also in a position to target customers based on qualifications for jobs. Therefore, LinkedIn advertising is predominantly geared toward corporate audiences.

With the fact that 69 percent of LinkedIn US users earn more than $50,000 per year, the platform is believed to have the highest average disposable income, as well as leads of high quality in specific industries.

But, unlike other platforms that focus exclusively on B2C advertisements, LinkedIn’s design LinkedIn is better suitable for B2B advertisements. Thus, service-based businesses and B2B product companies typically get higher results on LinkedIn over other Advertising Platforms.

#4 Facebook

Being the most popular social media platform on the planet and the most popular in the world, it’s likely it’s a given that Facebook is a solid option to choose the best place to place your ads. Facebook is loved by all kinds of demographics, such as both genders and ages (shown in the report below by Hootsuite); this means you’re likely to find that your audience is engaged on the platform as well.

Apart from providing Facebook users to interact with one another and share their content on the internet, it also provides advertisers with the opportunity to market their services and products online. In addition to a myriad of advantages, here are just a few of the ways Facebook ads can assist you to achieve your campaign objectives:

  • Increase brand recognition Get your brand noticed and place your products to potential buyers.
  • Take into consideration Send visitors to your website and harness lead generation via opt-in emails, blogs, posts on your blog and other content. You can also reach out to potential customers via Messenger.
  • Conversion Install an online shop on Facebook to provide customers a smoother shopping experience. It will also drive more traffic to your brick and mortar and online stores, and boost conversion rates.

#5 Pinterest

Similar to Instagram as well, Pinterest is an extremely visual platform featuring whimsical wedding pictures along with cooking videos, fashion and reels. But, despite that, Pinterest is largely geared towards women, with 71% of the female users.

In light of the fact that Pinterest users use the platform to search for and buy products, Pinterest is one of the most suitable platforms for advertising on social media. Promoted pins are easy to integrate into Pinterest boards without causing distraction, unlike other platforms. Indeed, 85% of all weekly Pinners have purchased something based on Pins they receive from brands.

It is particularly beneficial to ecommerce stores; Pinterest has a highly specific search engine that allows brands to market their products through advertising their most popular pins.

#6 on Twitter

Twitter is the most popular source for new news and connecting with both big and little-known celebrities, and Twitter has been one of the most well-known social media platforms since its launch in 2006.

Twitter advertising provides two ways for companies to design advertisements:

  1. Rapid promote: Twitter automatically promotes your Tweets to your targeted audience. All you need to do is select an appropriate Tweet from your timeline and select the audience you want to reach, and Twitter will take care of the rest for you.
  2. Twitter Advertising The ads are objective-based, which means that you have first to select the business goal you prefer, as well Twitter will only charge users for the actions which are in line with your goals.

Wrapping up

Particularly in the context of e-commerce and in the ecommerce space, social media advertising is among the most effective and efficient methods to reach your targeted customers and convert them into buyers. The other advertising channels cannot give the same consistent lead-generating, sustainable results as social media Advertising Platforms.

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