10 Tools That Your Digital Business Must Have To Grow:

Unless you are a Nerd like me, knowing which tools are suitable for the growth of your business can be somewhat complicated. According to a study

Understanding the changing needs of technology and what products or services you need for this change was one of the main challenges within the entrepreneurs of various companies.

So, I have written this little article where I write about the 10 technologies that your company needs to have in order to support growth other than this check out online easy quiz question and answer for more info.

10 tools that will be your backbone in the growth of your company:

  1. Web page:

A serious business cannot exist today without a website. And currently, it is not required to have programmer or designer studies to start creating this. Platforms like WordPress or Wix can help you create it by investing little money.

  1. Storage of content:

You and the team that is with you, over time, will have many documents, files and folders. Storing them on your computer can be risks and can having failures in your business. So I recommend using cloud-based tools like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft one drive.

  1. Accounting software:

Having someone to help you with accounting is something that will save you time and money. This time I can only recommend software that I use to manage my billing, but I’m looking for something that works even more for me.

  1. Email management:

When it comes to sending emails to your subscriber list, a simple email from your account from programs like Outlook or Gmail is not going to be enough. There are email administrators that allow thousands to be sent without being considered SPAM, they can have more images, and rely on some conditions to send hyper segmented emails.

  1. Task management of your team:

You need to be able to delegate tasks to your people if you want to grow, and for this, there are many applications to share the projects and tasks that must be carried out.

  1. Collaborative communication:

Email is one of the most popular to communicate with your team, but there are more and more tools to facilitate communication. You can use Microsoft Teams, or within the project management system, there are some that you can notify by this means.

  1. Basic tools of your office.

Few of us would survive without communication via mail, text files or spreadsheets, that’s why you can use Office 365 or use Google for Business.

  1. Analytical:

In order for you to analyze your marketing campaigns, the operation of your website, your social networks or your email campaign, you must use a way of measuring it, which is why the combination of Google Analytics and Google Data Sheet is something you can implement fast and at an excellent cost.

  1. Collaborative documents:

Having everything written on paper is from the ’90s, nowadays every time we take notes of documents in an accelerated way and at all times, so having systems that let you share these ideas is a very good thing, you can use Evernote or OneNote to that your team never misses the idea.

  1. Administration of social networks:

The world is becoming more social, so tools like Hootsuite or Buffer help you to better manage your social networks in a more effective way. So you can be in contact with your audience.

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