2022 Software Development Trends to Look Forward

Just like anything else, software development changes. The constant advancement of technology has sparked these changes. Businesses need to keep up with these changes to dominate the market still.

The number of mobile phone users continues to grow this year. That’s why mobile app development is a vast market in software development. We will help you identify the crucial software development trends that devs should look forward to this year.


As cryptocurrency has been gaining attention recently, blockchain technology is often associated with and criticized. However, most people do not know that blockchain is more than just crypto. It is related to several fields in the industry that can affect our daily lives. That’s why this 2022, people are taking blockchain more seriously. 

Software Quality Standards

Recently, there has been a growing demand for software and applications. Quality standards were proposed to limit having bad software in the market. As most software solutions become a part of our daily lives, it is just for applications to have an ISO certification.

Companies with ISO certification software offer quality and efficient processes to their clients. Moreover, companies are expected to employ style consistency and language conventions in the process of software development. 

It helps new developers to write codes in standard and clear guidelines.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Even though AI has been long introduced in software and website development, this trend has been rapidly evolving. It has been used for modern and highly innovative technologies. Due to AI’s rapid growth and changes, software developers are now in deeper learning in AI networks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide accurate customer data and behavior predictions. That’s why business analytics support the use of AI technology in business operations. 

Improvement of Cybersecurity

Companies are fully aware of the need for cybersecurity. However, with their lack of resources, only large enterprises can afford a dedicated security team. 

Now, companies take advantage of the public Cloud services to secure their applications without much effort. 

Businesses are expected to focus more on modernization of systems, applications, and technology for cybersecurity.


It is the modern development approach in building custom software. The method is a combination of software development with IT operations that streamlines workflows and improves efficiency. That’s why DevOps rise in top software development trends.

DevOps methodology is best to use when considering both your employees and user experiences. 

Low-Code and No-Code Development

Even in website development, low-code and no-code dev are possible. Today, almost anyone can build applications with the drag-and-drop technique. These applications do not require programming experience. With this advancement, no-code development becomes accessible even without coding knowledge.

Final Takeaway

Business analytics has consistently shown how several factors influence software development trends. Some of the underlying factors are consumer preferences and innovation of technology. Thus, if you want to develop modern and innovative software applications, you need to understand and catch up with the latest software development trends in 2022. 

Keep yourself updated as technology consistently grows and more software development trends are upcoming.

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