6 Types of Retro Dresses for Women in Fashion

Retro Dresses

The impact of vintage clothing isn’t hidden or new in the fashion industry. For years we have been taking inspiration from old movies, old designs, and trends to give them a fresher look.

For a few years, retro dresses have been making quite a noise among fashion enthusiasts. While each decade has some very distinctive fashion trends, some of them remain regal for generations. Sundresses, mini dresses, flared dresses peasant dresses are some examples retro style dresses for ladies.

Lately, There Are Six Different Types of Retro Dresses with The Most Popularity.

1940s Hawaiian Printed Dress

Many of you know about these dresses. These are beautiful vintage-style dresses with bold prints. But these have a historical significance.

During the 40s, the world felt the shock after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. So, dresses were made using Hawaiian printed fabrics.

These retro dresses typically feature a fitted bust and waist. The prints are pretty fun and perfect for lunch, brunch, dates, or even picnics.

Red Retro Evening Dresses

Although black is a universally approved colour of choice for evening dress, red is something to make a statement. Red or wine shade looks gorgeous for any special evenings like anniversary dinner or birthday.

Some of them come in a combination of colours or prints. Most have a square collar with a plunging neckline giving the right amount of sensuality!

The cinched-in waist of these vintage dresses gives a beautiful hourglass figure. Shine at parties with these dresses and put your hair in a soft curled look. Draw some killer wing liner and finish it with red lipstick.

If you are into jewellery, choose diamonds or pearls.

The 1950s Shirt Dress

We know the 50s for its classic flared swing dresses, stilettos with pointy bosoms.

Another version of this feminine vintage style dress is gaining the limelight. These are shirt dresses. The top part of these dresses is styled like a button-up shirt with collars.

The lower section of these dresses flares like a skirt falling just below or to the knee. Most times, a belt is attached to the dress for a fitted waist.

There have been many adaptations of shirt dresses. In the 90s, these dresses were more breathable, short, and flowy. To this day, shirt dresses are one of the most versatile and chich styles for the high-street fashion market.

The 1960s Mini Dress

Mini dresses and skirts are probably one of the most distinctive fashion revolutions that came from the 60s.

There are hundreds of styles and variations of this retro dress. Some had puffed sleeves with full skirts, mainly referred to as baby doll dresses.

But the most popular ones were with an A-line style with a fitted top and wide bottom. The hem usually ends at the mid-thigh. Some barely cover the buttocks and are called micro-minis.

These chic dresses are perfect for casual night-outs, dates, college parties, etc.

They accentuate the legs and can be styled in many ways. For the winter, wear these dresses with high boots and jackets.

1970s Peasant Dresses

Vintage clothing from the late 60s to 70s is heavily influenced by the hippie movement.

Peasant dresses have off-the-shoulder necklines with a wide gathered ruffle. You can recognize these retro dresses from a mile!

Sometimes they have an empire waist and full skirt, whereas sometimes, they have an A-line structure. They are usually made of soft cotton and very comfortable.

Vintage Print Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are quite the style statement from the 1970s.

This era is known for its effortless, flowy fabrics with edgy accessories.

Vintage printed maxi dresses can be worn with simple accessories as well as decked up for special evenings. These long flowy retro dresses add so much personality to an outfit without being flashy.

For the day, keep the look simple with sunglasses and flats. For the night, jazz it up with dainty gold jewellery and a nice hair updo.

Have you got your favourite yet? Get these beautiful vintage-style dresses at Banned Retro. Dressing retro gives a unique twist to any outfit. Try new styles and show experiments with vintage clothing.

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