7 Best Schools for MBA  that Indian

students can target in 2022

MBA helps to kickstart your management career. It launches you into the business world. Pursuing an MBA from a reputed university ensures good quality education and employment opportunities. Students get the right exposure that helps them in their professional and personal life. If you wish to pursue an MBA you can target these top universities-

1. Stanford Graduate School of Business-

offers an MBA program. The school provides access to world-class faculty, industry leaders, and guest speakers. Students can learn through various means such as seminars, case studies, lectures, project-based courses, and prototyping.

The university provides career support to transform the professional lives of students. According to the 2021 career statistics ninety-one percent of the students got a job offer within three months of graduation and 445 employers participated in the hiring process.

2. Harvard Business School-

The school offers a two-year, full-time MBA. The curriculum of the program has general management focused on real-world practices.

The school offers dynamic learning environments through FIELD projects, tech simulations, and introspective exercises. The dynamic environment persuades students to take up entrepreneurship and solve the pressing problems faced by the world. More than fifty percent of students start a new venture to make a difference.

3. Penn(Wharton)-

The MBA program teaches students how to tackle big challenges using resources such as skills and vision. During this process, they hone their leadership and managerial skills.

Students also build their network and learn self-introspection. Apart from cutting-edge curriculum the university also offers amazing work opportunities. In 2020 820 employers participated in the hiring process and 91.6/of students accepted job offers. The starting salary ranged from $130.000 to $165.000.

4. HEC Paris-

provides an MBA and MiM that is unique, challenging, and rigorous. The school has a tradition of producing and educating leaders according to the 2017 Times Higher Education Alma Mater Index.

The students are transformed into leaders during the program. Understanding and leadership skills are installed into them through Outdoor Leadership Program and multi-sport MBA tournament.

The curriculum of the program is innovative and up-to-date. It persuades students to discuss, debate and brainstorm.

The cost of the program is EURO 78,000 and the duration is sixteen months.


The university aims to change the world and create inventions that serve the problems faced by the world.

The program focuses on entrepreneurship and solving pressing social problems.

According to 2021-2022 MBA Career statistics, ninety-six percent of students graduated with full-time offers, and the median salary was $150,000.

6. London School of Business-

offers an MBA in UK with a duration of two years. During the program, students build a global network and get access to global businesses and startups. Students also get an opportunity to connect with industry leaders to gain knowledge and practical skills.

The curriculum of the program offers more than eighty electives and high academic standards. The curriculum of the program transforms students into world-class leaders. World-class leaders get world-class work opportunities. According to the 2021 career statistics report, ninety-two percent of students accepted a full-time job.

  1. IE Business School (Spain)- offers International MBA. The program equips students to manage and grow a business in a disrupting environment. The duration of the program is one-year and it provides resources to students such as strategic skill set, futuristic vision, and real-world learnings.

The program is designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs to provide them with 360 views of the business world and boost their managerial and leadership skills and career prospects.


The top universities offer various benefits to students. They get a chance to learn from the top and experienced faculty and industry leaders. The curriculum of these universities improves your real-world learning and skills.

Students must pursue programs from reliable universities that have a legacy of providing good education and great work opportunities.

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