A Review of Different Shower Bath Types

A Review of Different Shower Bath Types

The shower bath is a type of bathtub that offers a combination of two utilities. That includes a shower and bath in a single unit. By combining these two facilities into one, solves many problems and offers great benefits. In the past, the bathtub has been an essential part of every bathroom in the UK. However, with the time, not only were their innovations in the baths but also new types of fixtures became popular. For example, we have witnessed a new type of trend in recent years, and that is the popularity of showers. 

While showers are not that new but in combination with enclosure, it has become a trend. People even replaced it with bathtubs in trying to create space for them. There is no doubt that it looks great. It is probably the looks that are driving this trend, but bathtubs have their own incredible benefits. For example, tranquillity, peace, and relaxation that you can feel after a hard day out at work is unmatchable. Although, shoes offer a quick way to refresh yourself and are good for getting ready quickly in the morning. However, thinking both can be replaceable in terms of benefits and utility is wrong. Therefore, many people feel confused about which one to prefer, whether a bath or a shower.  

What is a Shower Bath?

As we explained earlier, it is a combination of two facilities, a shower, and a bath. That is combined into one single unit. It generally looks like a common bath, but in some types of shower bath, one side is for the shower. So, on his side, you can install an overhead shower, stand there and enjoy a shower. And if you need simple use like any other bathtub. That’s what gives it its name. 

Why Was There the Need of a Shower Bath?

As the showers and shower enclosures became popular because people loved these due to their benefits, manufacturers started to design the baths in a way that could be used for both purposes. So, different shapes of these types of baths were invented. Soon these became popular among the people who didn’t want to lose their bathtub but still wanted a shower without spending extra money or space. So, there are two main benefits of using these baths

  • Shower and Bath facility in a single unit
  • No extra costs involved
  • No extra space required

Different Shapes of Shower Baths

Shower baths come in various shapes and sizes. A few of these are as follows

Straight Shower Bathtub.

These look the same as a standard bath. However, they can be used as a shower too. These are suitable for spaces where you don’t have much extra space available. Or you are interested in installing a shower bathtub in between the wall, along with the cress or the corners. It is a bit deeper and wider than a standard bathtub that is commonly found in the bathrooms in the UK. On the one side of these baths, you can install an overhead shower to enjoy a great shower experience. 

P Shaped Shower Baths

If you have a bit extra space available for a bathtub, then you can consider installing a p shaped shower bathtub. These are a great-looking option where one side of the bath is round to make the space for the shower. Not only is it great aesthetically to transform the overall look of your bathroom, but it offers a spacious shower and bath experience at the same time. You can install a shower screen on the round side to make it appear even more beautiful and attractive. 

L Shaped Shower Baths

As it is clear from the name, these baths have l shaped structure. The side with turning is spacious and used for the shower. You can also install a shower screen on that side to make it more attractive and avoid water splashes. These are also an excellent choice and will require but less space than p shaped baths. 

Are You Looking for A Shower Bath?

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