Compelling Pros of Horizontal Carousel System

It is advised to have required items in the warehouse only. But, your warehouse is not managed efficiently. You face issues in fulfilling the customer orders and placing items in the warehouse. Are there longer pick times? Now, it is better to adopt the recent technological trends to combat this issue. You might be familiar with horizontal carousel systems. 

This is a type of automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) which usually comprises bins on an oval track which delivers stored supplies to the order picker. These sortation conveyor systems not only enhance throughput but bring forth multiple benefits for the business. To know them, you have to go through this script till the end. 

  • Increase in Pick Time

One of the crucial benefits of the horizontal carousel system like Tote stacker is that it levels up the picking productivity. It reduces the pick time of items and therefore order fulfilling becomes more efficient. The operator doesn’t travel to the warehouse to have the item but it is the horizontal carousel which delivers the product to him. It is done through the shortest path which also saves time for the operator. 

The carousels can be grouped with each other (three to four) which is called a pod. It becomes convenient for the operators to pick the items from the attached carousels at the same time. An operator could complete more than 80 orders working at a horizontal carousel workstation. For more customer orders, multiple operators could take up the tasks at the workstation to fulfill the customer demand.   

  • Operational Accuracy

Accuracy in warehouse activities is indispensable and for that purpose horizontal carousels are the perfect choice. They not only reduce pick time but ensure operational efficiency. To attain optimal accuracy in operations, integrate horizontal carousels with put-to-light and pick-to-ight tools. Further to this, there are software-controlled light towers which could be installed in between the horizontal carousels at the pod. 

This contributes in bringing the right shelf to the accurate picking position. As per the customer orders, the operator scans the items and places them in the bins. For more than one picker working at the picking position, a multi-color light is there. This light is different for each picker. They will work as per the assigned order of lights.   

  • Space Management

Adoption of horizontal carousels help in saving warehouse space. If there is low space in the warehouse then go for horizontal carousels. More than that, if you tend to utilize stacked carousel systems then it is better because they could operate on an individual level.  

There is leverage of storing items of all the sizes and that happens when you adjust the shelves on 1.5 inch increments. These carousel systems are not very expensive and can help businesses achieve better ROI. 

  • Inventory Administration

The inventory software incorporated with a level horizontal carousel system additionally enhanced stock administration capacities. There will be less chances of stockouts, you can generally see definitively how much stock you have at some random time. The warehouse manager does cycle counting and keeps a full exchange history for the detectability of your items. 

Moreover, you will be notified whenever there is a shortage of items. Combining both tools, order fulfillment procedures will take place efficiently. With proper and accurate inventory details available all the time, there will be less picking time and operational efficiency. 

Final Say

These benefits are great to accomplish reduced working hours, enhanced throughput and a proper organized workflow in the warehouse. MWI Solutions is your stop to have a horizontal carousel system. Take your warehouse productivity to the next level and achieve business outcomes like never before.  

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