Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Cure

First of all, we need to know what is Erectile Dysfunction why it happens to someone and what are the causes behind this Erectile Dysfunction. what are the Symptoms of this and how it can be treated or it can be cured?

Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

It is the inability of a person to get and keep an Errection firm while having sex. At this stage, a person is not strong enough to Produce Babies due to Erectile Dysfunction. If it is happening for short time then you should take it easy and no need to take the stress. But if it is ongoing for a long time it’s better to have a discussion with Doctor.

Symptoms for Erectile Dysfunction-

If the affected person is having the ED problems following symptoms to be seen while having Sex

  • Lack of Confidence
  • Shivering in the Entire Body
  • Distress for the man and his partner
  • Low Self Esteem

      5.   Low testosterone levels

      6.   Premature Ejaculations

      7.  Reduce Sex Drives


The most important fact is that doing sex with your partner is totally a combination of Spiritual, Psychological, and physical coordination of your Entire Bodies. there are many factors that affect the ED . For Example how close you are with your Partner or how compatibility is there between you and your partners. Do you have enough time to have a sex time with your partners?

Diagnosis and Cure for Erectile Dysfunction-

Many many tests are available to Diagnose the ED problems

  • Physical Examination includes Penis and testicle Testing for checking Nerves Sensation
  • A Blood Test is to be taken to checking Testosterone levels, Diabetes, or Heart Disease
  • A urine test is also to be done for Underlying Health Conditions.
  • Your doctor may suggest you psychological test for Depression Related Queries.

Cure Related to ED-

1.Oral Medications is the first step to cure the ED problems these are the Medicines which should be taken in Proper guidance of Doctor’s Advice.Goal of taking these Medicines is to Produce the Nitric Oxide which act as a muscle Relaxer in your Penis to increase the Blood Flow and to get an erection in Respond to Sexual Stimulation

2. By using Self injecton – In this Process you have to inject Alprostadil into the base of your penis.this dose is used to create an erection lasting no longer than an hour.

3.Testosterone Replacement therapy is also used when you have low level of Testosterone .

4.Penis Pumps is used to increase Blood Circulations inside your Penis .

5.Penis Impants to be be done if Required to Control the Eraction Process when earlier Steps are not giving any cure to the Person.

Is this blog we have mentioned what is Erectile Dysfunctions what are the Causes,symptomes and how it can be Cured.For more information regarding Technology,Health,Sports,Entertainment kindly visit on our Websites

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